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How To Set Up And Watch Netflix On Tv?

Watch Netflix On Tv

Streaming media on Netflix actually leads to less usage of DVDs at the entertainment centre. With the capability of connecting up to six devices, the individual is able to watch the videos on the television.

So, whatever you choose; a television with the internet connection or a streaming device, it’s essential to purchase a media player. As you enjoy blockbusters on the television set, you would no longer have to visit the store again and again.So, let’s have a look at how you can set up Netflix.

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Steps You Need To Follow for Setting Up The Media Player

#1 – Soon after you have selected the media player from Netflix with the desired features, you need to attach the video cables. It doesn’t really matter if the television has HDMI or Wi-Fi ports.

If you have an HDTV and a media player, then establishing HDMI connections is what you need to do.

#2 – Once you connect the media player with the router through the Ethernet cable / Wi-Fi connection, then you should switch on the television and the media player.

#3 – Afterwards, you need to follow the instructions on the dialog box that pops up on the television screen.

#4 – Now, you need to select the Netflix application from the menu and note down the activation code. This code has to be entered when you navigate the official website of Netflix.

#5 – Moving ahead, you need to turn on the computer, go to the activation page and enter the activation code.

What to Do when the Device is Connected to the internet?

If you own a television that can be connected to the internet, then here’s what you need to follow.

Step 1: Initially, you need to select ‘Netflix’ from the menu that is visible on the television screen. You then have to jot down the code for activating the Netflix account.

Step 2: As soon as you enter the activation code, you can go through the list of movies on the website. The videos would be visible under a queue / playlist.

How To Watch Netflix On The TV?

Before you start watching Netflix, you should check whether the television has access to any smart devices. Even though you might not have used them any time before, you would be prompted to connect it with the wireless network as you proceed with the setup.

In case Netflix is available, then you need to download and thereby and install the app on the television. While you launch the app, you would still need a Netflix account.

There’s actually nothing to worry about if the TV can’t be connected to the internet. During the setup, you simply need to plug in a suitable device.

But, before moving ahead, you should check whether the TV features a USB and an HDMI port. If you can’t find the HDMI port along the sides of the television screen, then you need to buy a Scart to HDMI converter.

When there’s no USB port, you can use the main power supply and a USB adapter as well. This would ensure that the TV is set up near the extension lead or the wall socket.

Consider using an HDMI switch if there’s only one HDMI port. While you make a purchase, you should buy the HDMI switch that has good reviews rather than buying the cheapest one.

Now, you need to source a streaming stick / media player. You would easily find them at the market or when you are browsing through electronic items on online portals.

If you prefer watching Netflix on a Roku device, then you need to add Netflix as a channel, launch the application, log into the account, and enjoy watching the videos.

As far as the setup for NowTV is concerned, you can proceed in the similar way just because it has an interface synonymous to Roku. In case you are using Fire TV stick, then you should look for Netflix from the main screen. While you download the app instantly, you must log in with your credentials and start watching the videos.

If you love using devices created by Apple, then you can try Apple TV and use Chromecast at the same time. The technology would certainly help you to cast Netflix directly from the tablet and the smartphone. The latter also works great with Google Assistant, so that you can control the flow of the video through your own voice.

Hope you have learnt how to use Netflix through the aforementioned guide. Do share the blog with your friends who wish to watch movies on television in their free time.

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