How to Send Fax from Gmail [Easy Ways]

How to Send Fax From Gmail

Are you trying to Fax from Gmail? You may fail because Google doesn’t support fax. But there’s a way out you can try. Read on this post to know how to send fax from gmail in just few minutes.

As we know fax machines were invented in 1842 and has been utilized in workplaces and families for a considerable amount of time to send and receive documents.

Although the fax machine is not utilized frequently now as it once seemed to be, there are numerous organizations that still uses them.

Whereas, most people these days are using the internet and has an email id to access different platforms as it is mandatory in most platform to prove them with a valid email id.

Gmail in this case is very popular as most people tend to use Gmail to create an email id, be it for personal or business, Gmail has it all.

But did you ever know that sending fax is also possible with the help of Gmail?

Although Google does not have their own fax feature, however with the help of other faxing tools it is possible.

The process is simple, especially if you have used Gmail before, and can be cheap or even free.

Just follow these easy steps to find out how to start faxing through Gmail –

How to Send Fax from Gmail?

First, choose an online Fax provider, as we know Gmail does not have its own faxing feature thus finding an online fax provider that can be used with Gmail is the first step.

Business VoIP provider such as RingCentral or Nextiva provide online fax service so if you already have one of these then you are in luck.

Once you have selected your online fax service, then sending fax from Gmail is just like sending a normal email.

Now follow these easy steps to send a fax using Gmail –

Step 1

Go to you Gmail account and click on “Compose” just like you do when you intent to send a new mail.

Step 2

Enter your fax information, for this you will have to know what email address domain your online fax provider uses. Example: “”

Step 3

After you’ve found it, merge the fax number of your recipient with the domain to create an email address, example

Step 4

Now enter this email address where you enter the sender’s information while composing an email.

Step 5

Now attach the content of the fax, as it is necessary to attach a document to the email instead to send a “fax”.

Step 6

Next create your document, picture, or spreadsheet beforehand and save it as .doc, .jpg, .pdf etc.

Step 7

The last step is to just proofread your attached fax document and cover letter and click on “Send”.

In brief,

This is how you can send fax from Gmail even after Google does not have its own faxing feature. Follow aforementioned steps and enjoy sending important documents as FAX to your colleagues or partners.

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