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How To Run Two Facebook Accounts On A Single Android Smartphone?

how to run two facebook accounts on single phone

Many smartphone users are simply happy with one Facebook account. In fact, they don’t prefer to manage two accounts when they are a part of numerous social media groups. But, if you are not the one among the lot, then it’s always possible to have two separate Facebook accounts on an Android smartphone.

If you are working outdoors most of the time, then the company may insist you to install two Facebook apps. The experience is wonderful especially when you try to mingle within many social circles. But, without distracting you and make you confused, let’s see how you can resolve the problem pertaining to dual Facebook accounts.

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Steps for Managing Two Facebook Accounts on Single Phone

It’s pretty easy and simple to create two Facebook accounts even when you need to log in and log out at several instances. The case is different as compared to using the accounts on the PC. But, if you are thinking about Android, then you would be grateful to Facebook Lite specifically developed for the operating system.

As the name implies, Facebook Lite is just 252kB in size. This leads to the truth that the application requires less RAM and occupies less space. In fact, it could be considered as an alternative to the Facebook app with an interface and features along with push notifications.

As you start off, you first need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from the ‘Security’ option stated under ‘Settings’.

Normally, the first Facebook account created through the app becomes the primary account.

In order to add more accounts, you need to go to the ‘App preferences’ and tap on ‘Accounts’.

Once the section gets displayed on the touchscreen, you can move on with the option, ‘Ad another account’.

Moving ahead, you would be prompted to type the Facebook username and the password.

Soon after authentication, the app would grant permissions just as it was with the primary account. You can then switch from one account to the other without any hassles.

But, if you have more than two accounts, then you can take the advantage of Friendcaster.

Apart from helping you configure multiple accounts, Friendcaster offers additional features that you would wish to explore.

Besides Friendcaster, you can also download and install ‘Parallel Space – Multi Accounts’.

How to use Parallel Space?

Step 1: Soon after launching the app, you need to click the white colored icon as shown in the image below.

parallel space step 1

 Step 2: Once the ‘Clone Apps’ section pops up, you need to create a shortcut for the Facebook app.

Step 3: Later, when the app is replicated in Parallel Space, you need to drag and drop the icon for creating a shortcut.

parallel space step 3

Step 4: Afterwards, you would observe the icons of the cloned application and the original application on the home screen.

Step 5: Finally, you can decide which app you would prefer for the account. After entering the credentials, you would be able to manage both the accounts with ease.

You simply need to switch between the original and new app. These appear different due to the size and shape of the icon.

Other Apps for Running Two Facebook Accounts on Android Phones

App Cloner

As you clone the Facebook app using App Cloner, you can think of managing two accounts independent of each other. The actual fun starts when you can use modding options to tweak the new app. Additionally, hiding the Android ID and entering into the incognito mode can really enhance the on the go experience. But, if you change the name of the new app, then App Cloner always offers an easy way.

2Face – Multi Accounts

If you need to have separate accounts for different profiles, then 2Face makes it easy for you. You can instantly switch between accounts, and receive notifications simultaneously. With independent storage for every account, you would no longer have to bother about data conflict.

Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & Parallel APP

Dual space always lets you switch between different accounts on one communication device. In fact, after logging in, you would be able to balance professional and personal life. Message reception doesn’t pose to be a problem because the accounts never interfere with each other.

Hope you have understood how to run two different Facebook Accounts. Feel free to share this blog with your friends in case they wish to have two profiles on the social networking site.

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