How To Post Screenshots on Android Central ?

If you have searching for the same topic on how to post screenshots of Android Central, then you are on the right place.

Taking a Screenshot

This might vary a bit various devices, and usually require a device with Android 4.0 or above. To take a screen shot all you have to do is

  • Long press and hold the power and Volume down button for a sec

You will now hear a tone like how your mobile camera shut and the current screen image will be seen when you capture it. The image is then stores to the screenshot section in your gallery, but it must be readily viewable in the photos application or in the gallery.

A new option which was called as Google Now On Tap previously is to make use of the Google Screen search. You will have to press and hold the home to bring the screen search feature and then share it. This will also give you a screenshot feature that you can also upload and share.

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How to Post a Screenshot with Android Central App?

If you are using the main Android Central App, posting the screenshot can be done swiftly. Just write a new post and when you want to publish it with the screenshot, just tap the paperclip icon.

You will now see the picture on the device that allows you to post. Choose the screenshot that you want to publish and Voila, you are done!

Note – you can attach images only when you  create a new thread. There is no other way to include an image in a reply.

How To Post A Screenshot Using Android Central Forums APP Tapatalk Based?

If you are a user of Tapatalk- based Android Central Forums app, begin with a new post then click the paperclick icon or the image. You will then be asked to click gallery or the camera. Choose Gallery, then the screenshot option.

If you are not sure what is the difference between the paperclick icon and the image don’t worry they post the images in the same way.

How To Post A Screenshot Using The Official Website Of Android Central From Your PC?

If you are a regular browser of forums on your PC, you will need to transfer the image, i.e the screenshot from your device to your personal computer. This can be done in two easy ways.

  • You can connect your device with your PC with the help of USB cable and ensure that the USB connection is set to MTP/ File transfer. Now open the file manager > select the device > search for the screenshot folder > drag and drop the image file from your PC
  • With the help of cloud service such as Google Drive, upload the screenshot. Now open the photo app or the gallery. Choose the screenshot and click > Share option. You can then choose Google Drive or the Cloud service you use to store your data.
  • Go to G Drive, choose the image and click on the download option.

Once the screenshot file is sourced, you can embed it in your post. Select the option “From computer” then > Select files.

After selecting the image file you, now click on the upload files button and you will see the image be appeared in the post.


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