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How to Play COD (Call of Duty) Mobile on PC?

How to Play COD Mobile on PC

This guide aims to help you with how to play COD mobile on PC to have enhanced game playing experience on wider screen.

If there’s one game that helps naysayers to understand that one needs to make some time for mobile gaming to make life more pleasurable in today’s time it’s Call of Duty Mobile.

Biggies like Sony, Microsoft, and Google are all focusing on making handheld devices available for running their respective cloud streaming services.

However, still a large share of people who have already downloaded Call of Duty Mobile feel they would have enjoyed playing the game more on a bigger screen.

This leads us to the question: “Can you play COD Mobile on PC?” The answer is “Yes”.

Let’s find out how…

About Playing COD Mobile on PC

The good news is that playing the game on PC is much easier than what most of us think.

We are no more required to use those complex emulators of the past.

Since a number of years, people have been using Android emulators like Bluestacks and Nox for playing various popular mobile games.

Things have become even simpler after the launch of PUBG Mobile.

Video Game company Tencent has come up with a tool designed for its own needs and has even updated it regularly.

Now, there’s no more the need of running after those irritating APK files.

Earlier this immensely handy tool was called “Tencent Game Buddy”.

However, recently the software has undergone a name change and is known as Gameloop. Using Gameloop is extremely easy. All you will need to do is download the software and then install it.

Before we go into further details, we would like you to note that there are some specific reasons why Tencent enables users to play various touchscreen-based games launched by the company with a clear hardware advantage.

COD Mobile is capable of detecting the particular control scheme a player is using.This allows the game to match players according to their mode of playing.

So, it’s unlikely that a person playing on PC will need to play with someone who is moving his/her thumbs on a small six-inch touchscreen.

However, that doesn’t mean that a PC player will never be paired with a person playing on a mobile. A PC player can be paired with someone playing the game on his/her mobile using a keyboard and mouse.

How to Play COD Mobile on PC?

Play COD Mobile on PC
Play COD Mobile on PC

Here are the steps you must follow for playing Call of Duty Mobile on your PC:

Step 1

Visit the website and download Tencent’s Android emulator Gameloop.

Step 2

Open the downloaded file and install Gameloop.

Step 3

Click on the Game Center button.

Step 4

Click on the banner titled Call of Duty Mobile (or the image underneath “Recommended”).

Step 5

Hit the Download button.

The final step should start downloading and installing the software automatically.

At times, it might even get auto-launched. So, if you don’t want everyone around you know what is keeping you in front of the computer for so long, adjust the speaker settings before hitting the download button.

The above steps should be enough for you to play COD Mobile in the big screen of your PC without any restriction.

However, it’s crucial that you do certain things for ensuring that you can make the game as exciting as it’s on mobile.

Ways of Increasing COD Mobile FPS

Open Gameloop; on the top right of your screen, you will find an icon with three horizontal lines. Tap on it and you will see a menu appearing with some extremely essential settings.

You will gain access to settings that would allow you to adjust screen resolution, rendering method, screen capture location etc. according to your requirements.

The Gameloop window tends to be compatible with the settings offered by “Engine”. The same stands true for the game window’s physical size for PC players. For changing COD Mobile’s active resolution, you will have to press on the Game button and make changes in settings from there.

Gaming experts believe that being an extremely competitive game, COD Mobile should be played keeping the settings as low as a player’s eyes can manage. This will ensure the best possible experience for any player.

Others, who are more interested in knowing how crisp and clean mobile games can look in today’s day an age, can make things as high as they feel their PC can handle.

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