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How to Make iPhone Louder: Settings You Need to Update

How to Make iPhone Louder

Don’t know how to make iPhone louder? Here’s some advanced tips you need to know to increase the volume of your Apple Phone.

Most of the iPhone users don’t pay much heed to the volume of the phone while using it. The default volume of iOS device is just fine but there can be times while playing music on your phone you might wish the music to be a little louder.

But even after pressing the side volume button it shows that it has reach the limit, but let me tell you that there is a way to make your iPhone louder.

With some simple steps you will be able to increase the audio level in your phone easily.

Here are the steps you need to follow –

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How to Make iPhone Louder: Advance Trick

Step 1

Go to “Settings” in your iPhone.

Step 2

Scroll down and select “Music” option.

Step 3

Now scroll down and select the “EQ” option under “Playback” section.

Step 4

Next you will see many options ranging from ‘Deep’, ‘Electronic’ etc.

Step 5

Choose ‘Late Night’ from the list of options.

After selecting the ‘Late Night’ option you will immediately see a difference in the audio, as it will definitely sound louder than before.

Though it can depend on which type of music you listen to, but ‘Late Night’ option is the loudest amongst all.

While performing Step 3, you may also have noticed the “Volume limit” option under the “Playback” section.

Generally, the “Volume limit” is set to off but it is possible that you enabled previously. So that can be a reason that your iPhone isn’t sounding to its maximum limit.

Just go and check if the “Volume Limit” is set or not, if it is turn it “Off” and you will definitely see a difference in the volume while playing music.

Another reason to why your iPhone isn’t too loud can be a phone case.

Sometimes we do not realise but a phone case might be blocking the speaker of the phone and reducing the sound.

If you think this might be possible, just try removing the phone case for once and then play music. If it does gets louder than changing iPhone case would be a good idea.

Many times, we get confused as most of the iPhone models have similar sizes but the layout is different, so this mistake is very common.

In brief, these are some advanced tips you can follow to increase the volume of your iPhone device. You will also find some common mistakes made by iPhone users that reduce the volume of the phone.

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