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How to Install Rainmeter Skins on your Windows PC?

how to install rainmeter skins

Themes offer the most striking appearance for your desktop PCs. In fact, it has become a hot choice for all those who are using the Windows OS, as well as Windows XP and Vista Operating systems. You might have gone through the best Rainmeter skins posts that were published and how it can widgetize your PC. Also, when you think of how to make your desktop appealing, then we recommend you to try Rainmeter skins.

There are loads of fans for Rainmeter skin. For two reasons one each of those skins are easy to customize and they add a unique feel to your desktop. Secondly, these skins are perfectly designed by experts, which are eye – catchy. So let us look at how to install Rainmeter skin and how to use to make it more visually appealing.

How to Install Rainmeter Skin ?

The Rainmeter skin installer is very simple to install, remember you will have to choose the right system architecture whether it’s 32 or 64 bit. After running the program, you might see some default widgets on your PC, but that’s just the beginning. Let us jump into how to install a Rainmeter skin to your PC.

Rainmeter skins can be downloaded either from their official website or from various sources like DeviantArt and All the information are given on the Rainmeter discover page. Usually, a Rainmeter skin might come with a list Rainmeter skin installer or .rmskin. Just click on it and you can download it directly on your PC. After installing the themes, Rainmeter will restart your system to load the latest installed Rainmeter skin.

Every time, designers of Rainmeter skin pack those files in these following format;

  • Zip
  • RAR
  • 7Z archive files

And all you have to do is just extract them to the Rainmeter folder.

Windows 7/Vista: C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\My Documents\Rainmeter\Skins

How to Customize Rainmeter Skin?

The best feature about Rainmeter skin is that you can easily customize the element of any theme quickly and without any hassle. Click on the Rainmeter option on your system tray to open the settings page. You will get the list of all your installed themes there in a form of a tree-like.

Usually, all these features are also known as Widgets, you see them on your desktop PC are nothing but just a complied detail file. To add a feature, expand the theme and choose an INI file you wish to load.

Once you select the INI file, you will see a”Load” button. You can how to alter the widget’s position as per your choice. Also, you can also do it another way, just right click on the screen widget and change the settings. That’s it! You can also mix and match skin and use them.

How to Mix and Match Rainmeter Skin?

You don’t have to select the onscreen widgets from a single theme. You can simply mix and match the features from various themes and use them. The chances of refurbishing your PC is not just limited.

With Rainmeter skin, you can also save your custom design as a theme. Once you have added the necessary elements to your desktop, you can mix and match widgets from various skin files. Just open the theme tab and save the current settings and apply them.

When it comes to personalizing, Windows desktops are very flexible. It’s very easy to personalize your PC’s with the default options offered to the users. But there are limited to changing its positions, adding widgets, positioning the taskbar, shortcut icons etc.  This helps you to change your PC’s appearance to a certain limit only and it can be unsatisfying too.

Rainmeter skins help you to change your system’s desktop and its overall homepage appearance in some great styles. It is more or less like launcher which offers you loads of options. But it is essential that it does not eat up your resources.


This is how you should install the Rainmeter skin. We have also suggested you ways to mix and match themes as well as how to customize Rainmeter skin. Hope it helps you! Check out the other article on the top Rainmeter skins.

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