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How to Install Kodi on Playstation 4 (PS4)?

how to install kodi on playstation 4

Want to know how to install Kodi on PS4? We are quite familiar with the increasing usage of Kodi Media streaming players among other ones. Let us look at how to install Kodi on PlayStation 4?

What is Kodi?

At this point, users are starting to wake up to the fact the dish and cable network field is changing. The birth of Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Netflix allowed viewers to watch their shows on demand and at a minimal cost than traditional dish or cable services.

Kodi is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media center. It regularly runs on OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS. More importantly, it has a ten-foot user interface for use with your living room TVs and remote controls. So basically you can run Kodi from the comfort of your own home. Kodi does not offer any media itself. The user must own the content or manually point it to 3rd party online services. Kodi’s initial release was in 2002. It was produced as an independently developed media player app called Xbox Media center for a very famous Xbox game console. Currently, Kodi is being used In various digital streaming players and has a very user – friendly interface for a non – techie consumer.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is legal. In its untouched state, it’s just a piece of software designed to stream content on a wide range of devices. And that means it’s highly safe to use and perfectly legal. However, just like the torrent client, browser or any other computing tool, Kodi can be used for more sinful uses.

How to Get Kodi on PS4?

You might have come across loads of websites, claiming on “how to put Kodi on PS4”. To be very honest, Kodi is not available for PS4 currently, as it hasn’t been added to the PS store. But still, there are ways to do using the popular media streaming app called Plex, which is available from Play Station Console.

How to Install Kodi on PS4?

As mentioned already Kodi is not yet available on PS4, but let us discuss on to install Plex on PS4 that works just like Kodi as mentioned below;

  • Open the PS control, this is the first step you need to follow
  • Open PlayStation Store > On the top you will see “Search” icon
  • Search for “Plex” on the search icon or just click on the “Popular option” and select Plex option.
  • Now click the “Download” option
  • The installation will soon begin
  • Click start button when the app open, now click TV > Video section
  • Now “Create an Account” on Plex as you will not be able to access the service without creating an account including PS4.
  • A code will be generated and you will land to a new top “Plex Homepage”
  • You will get a notification saying “App linked”
  • If you get a notification saying “App cannot be connected to the media server” then you will have to download Plex app on your mobile phone.
  • Now sign – into your account.
  • Now click on the Settings option > click Show camera roll media option and enable it as well as the network discovery and advertise as a server option.

Install Kodi on PS4

The process of installing Kodi on PS3 is just like the above-mentioned steps. The process includes installing it from the PS console and from there you will be directed to the PS store.

The PS store as all the applications that you want to install, including the BBC iPlayer, Plex and Netflix.  All you have to do it just install the app and access its media library by visiting the Home page and opening an ID and you are ready to watch!

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The Benefits of Installing Kodi on PS4 Benefits and Features.

Kodi Player is a complete package that comes with loaded features on media content without any hidden charges or subscription. Some of the features and benefits of getting it downloaded on PS4 are;

  • Free videos, like TV shows and Movies
  • More than hundreds of live TV channels from different countries.
  • PPV events and live sports
  • Anime, cartoons, Kids movies
  • TV shows
  • CCTV footage of famous places across the world
  • How to watch movies on PS4 with Kodi?
  • Once the app is installed, create an ID by visiting
  • This will allow you to access its media library
  • Ensure you have high – speed internet connection for buffering issue.
  • Now add Plex plugins which can also be downloaded from the guide.
  • Each adds- on, from the app streams various types of video content
  • Installing a TV add – on will allow you to watch Live TV.
  • Once you add plugins, you are ready to watch!


Kodi has become a famous streaming player since its available for all devices and platforms from 2014. Currently, it is available in almost five million UK homes and is able to stream free movies as well as TV shows. But, it is not available on PS4. Now your smartphone and Kodi PS will be available on the same network and you can access the Kodi Media streaming on your PS both 3 and 4 versions. We hope this tutorial is useful and helped you to download Kodi on your PS4.

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