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How To Get Rid Of iPhone Virus (Best Solutions)

How to Get Rid of iPhone Virus

Till date, virus hasn’t been recognized to affect the performance of an iPhone. But, if you’re in doubt about what’s running the background. Then you should certainly follow the ways listed below on how to get rid of iphone virus. You would not only be securing yourself in a matter of moments but also protecting iOS in future.

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Ways on How to Get Rid of iPhone Virus

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Even when your iPhone is protected against viruses, you may still encounter issues due to malware like adware. Usually, malware enters when you install an app not trustworthy. Go to your home screen and search for apps which are nothing but aliens. Later, remove them from your communication device.

Removing an app can be achieved in three steps. Once you tap on the app lightly it will start wiggling. Later, tap the ‘x’ symbol and then delete to confirm the action.

Disable Restrictions

Step 1: Go to iPhone settings. The icon is denoted by gray colored gears and can be found on the home screen.

Step 2: Scroll down till you can access ‘General’. Moving forward, tap ‘Restrictions’ which is visible in the middle of ‘General’ page.

Step 3: Type in the restriction password. This is nothing but a four-digit code you had already created while setting restriction parameters.

Step 4: Scroll further to disable the ‘Deleting Apps’ option. Alternatively, you can tap ‘Disable Restrictions’ and then move on to entering the Passcode for confirmation.

Clear Web Data and History

A virus can affect the iPhone in a different way. You may not observe the impact, but web pages can get redirected to another domain. You simply, have to follow the path ‘Settings >> Clear History >> Website Data’. Later, tap ‘Clear History and Data’ for confirming the action.

Switch Off & Restart

This tip may not make sense, but it’s one of the ways on how to get rid of virus on iPhone. Hold the power button till the screen color changes and you view the ‘Slide to Power Off’ option.

Once you turn off the smartphone, the screen will turn black. For restarting the communication device, hold the power button again till you view the Apple logo on the screen. Wait for a few seconds till you see a prompt for entering the Touch ID.

NOTE: You need to enter the passcode instead of the Touch ID. If this trick has resolved the issue, then it’s time to consider other measures.

Restore your iPhone as a New Device

Rather than getting to the roots, restoring the mobile phone would serve as the best option. The tip would surely work if the backup hasn’t be used anytime before and is not affected due to malware.

Step 1: Follow the path ‘Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase all contents’.

Step 2: Enter the passcode when it’s time to confirm the action.

Step 3: Wait till everything is deleted and then proceed in setting up the iPhone as a new device.

Step 4: Reinstall the apps once the setup is complete. If you suspect any app, then things would always get better when you won’t opt for installing them.

Step 5: Reload digital media and adjust the settings the way you wish.

Though this might be a lengthy process, you only have to follow steps just once. It is one of the safest way on how to get rid of a virus on your iPhone.

In future, you should never neglect updating iOS. Never jailbreak the iPhone and be careful when you’re installing a new software. Download files only when you trust the online source. Never open links which you’re not sure about. You would never know when the virus can create havoc.

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