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How To Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error In Chrome?

Your Connection is Not Private
Your Connection is Not Private Error

Are you seeking a solution for the “Your Connection is not private error”? If that’s the case, then things might be a little tricky especially when you are using Google Chrome. So, as the error persists, we would take you through the effective solutions so that you can continue browsing without any problems.

In case you want to protect yourself online, then you should research and go through comprehensive guides posted online.

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Your Connection is not Private – Why Does this Error Occur?

Your Connection is Not Private
Your Connection is Not Private Error

Typically, the error appears when there’s some issue related to the SSL connection or the browser can’t verify a particular SSL certificate. If you haven’t heard about SSL before, then it’s used to encrypt data as it packets get transferred to and fro from the computer to the server you wish to connect with.

Fortunately, it isn’t that tough to fix the issue. The solutions really work to resolve the problem while you are trying your best to connect with the server. But, once you figure out a way, you have to wait for some time till everything comes back to normal. If the connection prevails to be private, then it may lead to data loss. At certain instances, it can also leak personal or private information.

Ways To Fix The ‘Your Connection Is Not Private Error’

Initially, you need to check the date and time of the system. This could be set incorrectly but that may depend on the CMOS of the computer. Once you click the bottom most right hand side corner, the calendar and clock would pop up on the computer screen. You can then set the date, month, year and the time through repeated clicks on the arrowhead or through the option, ‘Change date and time settings’. Once you have set the time, you can open the website once again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Check for the Antivirus / Firewall when you launch the relevant software. In case you observe that the tool is blocking SSL certificates / connections, then you have to disable the ‘https scan’ feature.

If the option is unavailable with the software, then you should disable the firewall temporarily and try browsing through the website again. If everything is fine, then the connection error won’t appear on the screen.

It’s recommended to speak with an IT professional to know more about the antivirus software that would work with the existing operating system.

Another way of resolving the issue could be clearing the cache and cookies of the web browser. In order to delete the files, you need to click on the three dots present at the rightmost corner of the screen. As the list drops down, you have to go to ‘Settings’. After you are directed to the ‘Settings’ web page, you need to scroll down and search for options that would clean up the computer. Alternatively, you can also use a tool to clear the cache.

In you can’t get rid of the problem, then you should terminate a few tasks. Once you open the command prompt, you need to type ‘TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /F’. Afterwards, you need to wait for a few seconds, open the web page, and browser secure internet connection.

Finally, if there’s no way out, then you must ignore the error and proceed navigating the website with an unsecured connection. This is the not the ideal solution but, you can take the risk only when you are very much sure. It’s safe when you trust the website with which you wish to connect.

If you want Google Chrome that’s installed on the system to ignore the error automatically, then you need to add the link to the target of the executable file.

In order to accomplish the task, you first need to right click on the ‘Google Chrome’ icon, select ‘Properties’ from the drop down menu. Later, as you go through every tab in the property sheet, you should search for ‘Target’. You can easily find the option under the ‘Shortcut’ tab and just below the ‘Target Location’ box.

As soon as you add a space at the end, you should enter ‘ignore-certificate-errors’ as depicted in the screenshot below.

Your Connection Is Not Private’ Error in google chrome

This may not be a solution as we mentioned earlier, but it can certainly stop the error from appearing on the screen. You can eventually navigate websites without bothering much about the certificate status.

Hope this write up helps you to cope with Your Connection Is Not Private Error In Chrome.

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