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How to Find Serial Number of your Windows PC or Laptop?

how to find serial number of windows PC

The serial number is a unique identification number which includes a series of numbers, characters, symbols, numeric digits assigned to PC or laptops by the original equipment manufacturer. This serial number of your PC or Laptop helps the manufacturer to offer you a solution or a support service or warranty. S.No (Serial No) also guides in tracking your system in case of theft.

The idea behind this is to find out a specific item, much like how face identity or a finger print shows a specific person. Instead of some number or names that sows a complete range of products, a serial number is meant to provide a unique number to one device separately.

The term serial number is also shortened to SN or S/N and  often called as Serial codes.

You can find  the right serial number of your Windows PC or laptop in various ways explained in simple steps below;

Best Ways on How to Find Serial Number of Your Windows PC or Laptop

How To  Find A Serial Number Of Windows PC or A Laptop In Command  Prompt?

  • Right click on the start button
  • Open command prompt (Admin)
  • Enter “wmic bios get serialnumber”
  • You will find the serial number of your Windows PC or Laptop

How To Find The Serial Number Of Windows Laptop In Powershell?

  • Open PowerSheel
  • Type command “gwmi win32_bios | fl SerialNumber”
  • Then press enter, you will now get your serial number of your windows laptop or PC

Finding The Serial Number of Your Laptop or PC In BIOS Settings

Depending on the system brand, you can enter the bios setting by just pressing any of the hot keys f1, f2, f10 or Del button. This process should be done after restarting the system or just turning it on. You can see the serial number in the main settings.

Find The Serial Number By Visual Inspection

You can actually find the serial number of your PC or laptop on the sticker at the bottom on the system. It might also be written on the battery compartment.

Whenever you buy a new personal computer or a laptop, it is essential to get the invoice with the serial number mentioned. Do check it out before you actually pay for it.

Serial Number Tracking Benefits

Serial numbers help product manufacturers to identify a batch, a lot or a specific production run in which  goods were processed or made. These product identifiers are applied to the whole quantity of items with a particular batch, whereas the SR No is a distinctive identifier allotted to specific products or components. Each item will therefore have a batch number the same as all components with the batch and a SR No that is unique to every individual item.

Serial Number Traceability

The major benefit of product identifiers and SR No is the ability they offer to track and trace every item back through its supply chain. One component or a product will be given a serial number it can be tracked from  the point of origin, through distribution channels and to the end user.

Almost all, components in manufacturing and production will have a unique serial number. This traceability helps with tracking products between warehouses, inventory and post sale. SR No also helps with the customer servicing warranties, where a serial number is offered on the sale and shown in the purchase record.


These are the ways to find a serial number of your Windows PC or Laptop. If you are still in doubt make sure to call the customer care department who can guide through the steps.

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