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How to Factory Reset Windows 7, 8 & 10 Without Password?


Factory reset or factory defaults are also known as master settings. They are basically the setting of your system at the time of purchase. Getting back to factory defaults entails deleting all the changes made to the CP outside the factory, which is by users. It undoes all the system and storage setting alternation activities.

Doing this will delete all the following from your System or PC;

  • Movies
  • Personal files
  • Music
  • Pictures and
  • Any installed drivers or
  • Software application (that was not included in the original configuration).

Best Ways on How to Factory Reset Windows Without Password (Tips Work Only for Windows 7,8,10)

Factory Reset For Windows 7 Without Password

Factory reset for windows 7 without a password, if disc installation is available to perform a reinstall or a completely new installation.

If you don’t have a disc installation, you can either use a startup repair or system restore to either restore the PC to a prior working time or to potential repair errors. There is software available which can also be used to do this.

Windows 7 does not have a built-in reset or refresh option in the newer versions. Users who work on these operating system have two choices to factory reset their system.

#Method 1:

The first thing is to reinstall the OS from scratch, which cannot be considered as a factory reset at all unless you have the install media that was provided by the factory.

  • Search for “Recovery” option
  • Click “Advanced Recovery options”
  • Select “Reinstall Windows”

#Method 2:

Your second option is to make use of the recovery tool or the recovery partition that is offered by the manufacturer. The usual names for finding the recovery software from your PC is listed below;

  • Acer – Acer recovery management or Acer eRecovery
  • Asus – AI recovery or Asus recovery partition
  • HP – Recovery manager or System Recovery
  • Dell – Factory Image restore or Backup and Recovery, other common names are also used.
  • Lenovo – Rescue or recovery.

Recovery from outside Windows is also possible, which might be useful if you think that the Windows or the Software will never load. To do this, you will have to reboot your system and look carefully at the screen that appears before it starts to load.

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Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

#1 – Go to “Settings” by click on the start menu

#2 –  Click “Updates and Security”

#3 – Click “Recovery” (you can see it on the left pane). You will get three options;

  • Reset this PC – To start a fresh system
  • Go to an earlier build and – Rolls back to a previous version of the Operating System
  • Advanced setup – Allows you to boot off a recovery disc or USB drive

#4 –  Go for “Rest this PC” option and click get started.

#5 – Click either “Remove all files or Keep my files”

#6 – You will get a warning, click next > Reset > Continue

How to Factory Reset Windows 8 Without Password?

Steps for Windows Factory Reset Without Password Within the System

Step1 – Sign in to your Win 8 system

Step2 – Click Win + I > Setting and > Change PC settings

Step3 – On general settings > Click remove all and reinstall windows. Click “Get started”

Step4 –  Click > Next > Remove my files or clean the drive fully

Step5 – Click  > Reset

Windows 8 Factory Reset Without Password On Sign – In Screen

#1 – Go to Sign in screen

#2 –  Click > Power button > press and hold “Shift” key > Click restart

#3 –  Choose an option. Click  > Troubleshoot > Reset your PC and click > Next.

#4 –  your system will restart after the process is done click > next

#5 – Choose just remove the file or clean the drive fully and click > Reset

Pro Tips

Factory reset is a good solutions to sort out your system problems. But if it’s because of not remembering the login password that might prevent your authentication from logging on your Windows, a Factory reset will be the right and best solution. The best solution is to choose one right way to reset or remove the forgotten password and get access to your Windows system.

On the other hand, this option might also not be the only solution.

After the factory reset, if still windows not start then you might have to reinstall the system.

These are the simple steps you can follow when it comes to to windows factory reset without password. Its simple and can bring your system a new look and feel!

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