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How To Edit Videos With Story Remix In Windows 10

How To Edit Videos With Story Remix In Windows 10

There are many tools for editing videos in Windows 10. But, if you haven’t used Story Remix anytime before, then here’s how to find the application and know more about how the features work.

It was a long time since Microsoft removed Windows Movie Maker till Story Remix was introduced with the operating system. Even though it’s a useful tool, you would find it among the Photo apps. But, before checking out the ways of editing a video, let’s take a quick look at what Story Remix is all about.

Where Can you Find Story Remix?

Windows 10 Story Remix

Rather than just calling it a standalone app, Story Remix is a feature within the native Photos app. However, for using the software with ease, you need to run the ‘Fall Creators Update’ that was released at the end of 2017.

As you search for photographs, these are easily visible in the default Pictures folder. You won’t have waste time in searching the digital content because everything is organized with the latest right at the top.

But, for Story Remix, you first need to click the ‘Create’ option from the menu at the top.

Steps for Creating a Story Remix

Step 1: Once you click the ‘Create’ option, you need to choose ‘Automatic Video with music’ and select the desired photos and videos.

Step 2: Afterwards, you would be prompted to name the video and the video would start playing.

Steps Edit Videos With Story Remix In Windows 10

Edit Videos With Story Remix In Windows 10

It’s pretty easy and simple to edit a video. If you need to modify the visual elements from start to finish, then here’s what you need to follow.

Step 1: First, you need to go to the ‘Collection’ view, hover on an image / video and check the box located at the top right hand side corner.

Step 2: Once you have finished selecting the images, you can click on the option, ‘+Add to..’ and give a name to the video.

Step 3: Soon after you observe the link, you need to click on ‘View Video’ .

Cool Steps you Selecting a Part of the Clip

Step 1: As soon as you click on ‘Clip’ and ‘Trim’, the clip editor would pop up on the computer screen.

Step 2: Later, you need to drag the blue handle to the place where you wish to clip the video.

Step 3: Once you have trimmed the video as per your preference, you should click ‘Done’ in the end.

Step 4: Before confirming, you can use the features displayed in the main editor. These are nothing but Motion, Text and Filters. Or trying out the options, you should click on one of them and check out what would change with the video. For instance, if you need to add text, then you need to click ‘Text’.

Easy Steps for Adding 3D Effects

Step 1: As you navigate to the main editor, you should click ‘3D Effects’.

Step 2: Later, you need to go through the effects in the right hand side panel, and drag the slider to determine from where the effects should start.

Step 3: If you want to associate the effect with a particular object, then you should click ‘Attach to a point’. Later, you need to drag the anchor point to the exact point. Hopefully, the tool would be capable to do a better job of syncing the effect.

How to Change Music and Volume?

Step 1: Once you go through the Menu, you should first click ‘Music’.

Step 2: Later, you need to select the desired song and decide the video with you which you need to sync the music.

Step 3: If you the voice in the background is incoherent, then you can click the speaker icon and drag the slider to change the volume.

How to Change a Theme?

When it’s time to change the theme, you need to click ‘Theme’ and choose from the collection of styles. Basically, a suitable theme not only changes the text style and titles but also the music in the background.

Some Special Effects you can Try

With the evolution of the Photos app, an individual can always add 3D objects with the help of the Story Remix 3D. As an example, you can enhance the visual appeal after replacing the football with a fireball.

Believe it or not, there are around 55 effects you may come across in Story Remix. Some of them are:

  • Neon Ball
  • Sci-Fi portal
  • Glowing Sparkles
  • Fireworks
  • Tornado
  • Nebula
  • Waterfall
  • Aurora
  • Confetti shooter
  • Lens sparkles
  • Party Lasers
  • Energy Circle

Ways beyond, the app has been improved to a great extent. While you can set the volume related to the special effects, the transparency as well as the alignment could be adjusted in the background.

Hope you have a wonderful experience using Story Remix. Do let us know if you have found something else that can add on the appeal of the video.

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