How to Disable Google Assistant on Android and iOs Devices?

How to Disable Google Assistant on Android and iOs Devices

Google Assistant might give unwanted assistance to Android and iOS devices.

Google Assistant is also called as ” Ok Google” is a basic feature on most Android and iOS devices. It enables you to get ways to places, learn new things like how long does a restaurant will be opened and perform an internet search with your voice.

To activate this feature, you will have to say “Ok Google” or something related to it – then ask your queries and just give a command to use the hands – free feature. There might come a time when you don’t want to use the feature. One essential thing to consider about using it on Android device is that you can turn on the Google Assistance in the same place where you turn off it.

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The Steps Below On How To Disable This Feature On Both The Android and Ios Devices

On An Android Device

Visit Google Assistance Setting Option

  • Long press the home button or just say Ok Google
Click drawer icon
Click drawer icon
choose the settings
Click Right Corner
choose the settings
choose the settings
  • Then click the file drawer icon, then the menu option. Now select more then choose the settings option.
    Select The phone option
    Select The phone option
  • Select your phone, below the device category
    blue slider option
    Tap the blue slider option
  • Tap the blue slider option, in the Google Assistance section. You will notice that the option getting a color change to a gray color and now turn off the Google Assistant.

These are the simple steps needed for knowing how to disable the Google Assistant option on an Android device. If you are using a older Android version some commands to disable the Google Assistant option might not match what you see on the device.

As mentioned above, if you did not select the smartphone from the devices section. Next, search for the “Detection” then say Ok Google. Option. Doing this will power off the Google voice recognition feature that enable the Google Assistant to work.

How To Disable Google Assistant On Iphone?

The Ok Google feature on the iOS device accepts both verbal requests as well as enable you to type in the queries.

If you want to stop Ok Google feature from listening, but still want it to be able type in the queries. Follow these simple steps that will never gobble your time.

  • Go to > Settings
  • Click > Google Assistant
  • Then click > Microphone
  • Now click > Slide the switch to off

How To Delete The OK Google On An Ios Device ?

Delecting this app is just like deleting other applications on your device. All you have to do is just press down the application’s icon from the home screen.  You will see that your application kinda wiggle. When they do, then tap the X in the corned of the application to delete it. Now press the home button again to make the app icon static and being using the phone as usual.

So these are the simple steps on how to Disable the Google Assistant feature on both Android and iOS devices.


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