How To Delete Wechat Account On Iphone and Mac?


If you are sick of WeChat and planning to switch to social media platforms, then you should delete WeChat account permanently. In any case, you would be freeing up some space and moving on with some other domains or apps. Listed below, is a detailed procedure which will help you to perform the task on Mac, iOS and other devices.

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Try Below Simple Steps to Delete Wechat Account

Deleting the WeChat history is the first step you need to follow. Even if you delete the app, private WeChat data won’t get erased on the device. So, you should be using third-party applications to delete information that won’t be used by you. Follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Download and thereby install ‘iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac’ /  ‘iMyFone Umate Pro’ on the device.

Step 2: Run the third-party app and connect the smartphone to the computer.

Step 3: Click ‘Delete Private Data’ / ‘Erase Deleted Files’. You can also follow the options one after the other.

Step 4: Hit ‘Scan’ and select the unwanted WeChat data.



Step 5: Hit ‘Erase Now’ followed by the confirmation to delete everything that’s selected.


While iMyFone takes care of the unwanted files, third-party services are left behind on your iPhone. Once you have planned to get rid of the WeChat account, you wouldn’t have to bother yourself much with other functionalities. So, removing third-party services is essential.

If you have your Facebook or Gmail account linked with the We Chat app, then you should unlink the accounts and proceed ahead.

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section and click on ‘My Account’ option.

Step 2: As you are directed to a new page, you would know third party app associated with the We Chat account. Select the option ‘Unlink the third party services’.

NOTE: Don’t delete the verified email address. This would help you prove your ownership when you would be contacting the WeChat team.

After following the aforementioned steps, you should request WeChat to delete WeChat account permanently. This can easily be done by sending an email. You shouldn’t miss this step because you have to inform the team. Since you can’t delete the account all by yourself, this is the only way to delete the WeChat account.

For the email, you can follow the format mentioned below.

Hello We Chat,

I’m <Your name>. I am no longer interested in using my WeChat account due to some personal reasons. So, I request you to delete the account permanently.

Please note that my unique ID is <The account’s user name> while my mailing ID is <Your email address>.

Thank You,

<Your Name>

After sending the mail, you need to wait for a reply. It would a message that confirms the permanent deletion of the account.

Hope you have learnt on how you should be bidding farewell to the Wechat account. Just be sure that you have deleted private information through ‘iMyFone Umate Pro’.

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