How to Delete Oovoo Account from Smartphones & Desktops?

How to Delete An Oovoo Account from Smartphones Desktops

OoVoo is a messaging app which works smoothly on smartphones running on iOS and Android. You can also use the application on your personal computer or MAC OS X. While you can chat with up to 12 people at the same time, four people during a video chat enriches the experience. Usually, little ones like using OoVoo because they can think about a video chat party. But, if you wish to delete or deactivate the OoVoo account, then you should go through the steps mentioned below.

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How To Delete Oovoo Account

In real time, OoVoo doesn’t allow the user to delete the accounts. But, you can always edit the settings and delete personal information that would help you hide the profile.

For Mobile Phone Users

Step 1: Once you have logged in your account with the credentials, you must tap the triple-bar icon. This would display the main menu on the touchscreen. Later, you should tap the pencil icon for moving on with the profile editing mode.

Step 2: When you click the Display Name field, type ‘Closed’ and then tap the Change Profile Picture link. This action would enable you to replace the existing image with something generic. It could either be an object or a picture of a beautiful landscape. Once you’re done, tap ‘check mark’ icon for saving the profile picture along with the display name.

For Mobile Phone Users

Step 3: Tap the relevant icon for opening the main menu for one more time. Move on with the ‘Settings’ option followed by ‘Privacy & Security’.


Step 4: Once you have selected the necessary option, select ‘No One’ among the options listed under ‘Who Can Find Me’. This would keep you away from users who are trying to find your profile.

no one

Step 5: Finally, you should remember to uninstall the application.

For Desktop Users

Step 1: As usual, after opening the OoVoo account, click ‘Edit My Profile’ as soon as you select ‘My Profile’.

Step 2: In the display name field, you should type the word, ‘Closed’.

Accounts Details

Step 3: Click ‘Add a Photo from a File’ to replace the photograph that’s displayed in the profile. You can then select a generic image from the collection of images stored on the hard drive. Later, select ‘Save’ to update the account with the changes.

Add A photo from a file

Step 4: Move on by opening the OoVoo menu and select ‘Privacy’ as you click ‘Settings’.

Step 5: Under the ‘Connecting on OoVoo’ section, click the radio button, ‘Select Nobody may find or view my OoVoo profile’.  In order to prevent users from viewing the birth date, select ‘No One’ options within the ‘Sharing on OoVoo’ section followed by ‘Save’.

Connecting on OoVoo

Step 6: Once again, you would need to open the ‘Settings’ Window and select ‘Notifications’.

Step 7: Uncheck every option so that you won’t receive notifications in future.


Step 8: To confirm the changes, you should click ‘Save’ and uninstall the application with the help of an unbundled installer.

How to Deactivate OoVoo Account Through Web

The procedure is very much similar to the one described above. But, once you have followed the steps, you have to go to ‘OoVoo >> Emails’ to uncheck the radio buttons under the ‘Notifications’ section. Lastly, you can uninstall the software, if you wish to do so.

Hope you have learnt the steps for how to delete your OoVoo account. If the article turns out to be useful, share it with your companions who don’t wish to get disturbed by messages.

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