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How to Delete (Uninstall) iPhone Apps on X, 8, and 7?

How to Delete iPhone Apps

As we all know every technology gets updated with time and the systems or software of each device keeps getting revised.

If you are a new Apple iPhone user or has been using iOS system from a long time but still are confused about how to delete apps on iPhone then here we will provide simple steps on how you can easily uninstall unwanted apps from your iPhone.

These unwanted apps take unnecessary space on your phone making the storage memory full and even ending up making the phone processing slow.

If you look at your phone right away, I am sure you will at least find 2 or more apps of games or entertainment that is of no use to you at all.

So, the best way is to just get rid of unnecessary apps on iPhone with these simple methods –

The Wiggle Method

This is the easiest way if you are looking for how to delete apps on iPhone X, 8 or 7. Follow below steps –

  1. Just go to the Home Screen of your iPhone
  2. Tap and hold of the app’s icon that you wish to delete.
  3. After this all the icons will start wiggle with a little ‘x’ symbol on top of them
  4. Now simply select the app you wish to delete and then tap on the ‘x’ symbol.
  5. Next you will see a pop-up box appear with two options of “Delete” or “Cancel”.
  6. Tap on the “Delete” option and the unwanted app will be gone!

Delete Apps by Using iTunes

  1. For this method you will have to first install iTunes on your PC
  2. Then connect your phone with the PC
  3. Now click on “Apps library”
  4. Next you will see the list of Apps of your phone
  5. Right click on the App to see the “Delete” option
  6. Now simply click on “Delete” to get rid of the app on your iPhone

In brief,

Aforementioned two apps are simply and easy ways you can opt for to delete apps on iPhone X, 8, and 7.

Though the wiggle method is the easiest, but you can always try deleting apps from your iTunes as well.

Just follow the simple steps and uninstall apps on iPhone that have been lying around in your phone from a long time and is of no use at all.

Mehak Kandhari

Written by Mehak Kandhari

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