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How To Delete Browsing History On iPhone?

Delete Browsing History On iPhone

If you are seeking to cover your tracks and don’t wish others to see what you have been up to, then it’s always better to delete browsing history on iPhone.

It’s actually simple if you are using an iPhone and have been surfing through a web browser like Safari. But, you should note that the history can be deleted only when you sign into a particular Apple ID.

Besides, you can’t use someone else’s Apple ID when you need to wipe off cookies and browsing data. While this may be a good thing, you still can’t delete the history which lists web pages that you have gone through the earlier day or week.

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Steps on How to Delete Browsing History on iPhone (Safari Browser)

Initially, you need to swipe the smartphone, go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down till you find the name ‘Safari’.

Soon after you tap on the name, you should tap on the option,’Clear History and Website Data’.

A message box would then appear on the touchscreen. It would warn you that the history would go away from every communication device. But, if you want to clear the digital footprints, then have to tap on ‘Clear History and Data’. In case you change your mind at that instance, then you can tap ‘Cancel’.

Delete Safari Browsing History on iPhone
Delete Safari Browsing History on iPhone

NOTE: The aforementioned steps are applicable only if you are using Safari. If there are other browsers installed on the device, then you have to follow a similar kind of steps.

How to Delete History on iPhone (Google Chrome Browser)

When you are using Google Chrome as the browser, you first need to tap on the three vertical dots. You would be able to see the option at the top right hand side corner of the touchscreen.

As soon as scroll down, you need to go to ‘Privacy’ and then tap ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

When the section pops up on the screen, you need to tick the relevant checkbox which was unticked by default.

Delete Google Chrome Browsing History on iPhone

Delete Google Chrome Browsing History on iPhone

NOTE: Unlike Safari, Google Chrome enables you to keep the cookies and the passwords. This feature is available even when you erase the list of websites you have visited before.

Steps for Browsing Privately on an iPhone

In future, if you wish to browse the internet privately, then it can be accomplished through some steps. Do make a note that these steps are only applicable if you have been using Safari.

In order to change the mode, you first need to tap icon depicting two squares. You would be able to view the option towards the bottommost corner of the touchscreen.

Once you are directed to the section, you can tap ‘Private’ towards the left hand side. This option ensures that Safari won’t maintain a record of the sites you had visited earlier. You wouldn’t be able to get the search results you had tried to fetch during every session.

As an alternative, you can always use a completely different browser known as Firefox Focus. While this is supposed to be a private web browser, it won’t keep a track of anything as soon as you close the app.

Browse Privately on iPhone
Browse Privately on iPhone

However, you should note that every private browsing mode is not entirely private. The internet service provider would still be able to view the list of websites you have been visiting. In case you need to hide the IP address of the computer, then you need to use a VPN. Be sure about what you plan to use when you go through blogs pertaining to the best VPNs.

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