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How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC with USB and Bluetooth?

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

Xbox One is one of the most popular 8th generation home video gaming consoles developed by Microsoft. Being an all-in-one entertainment system, it has completely changed the way of playing video games.

Now, if you are using Xbox One console and is looking for “How to connect your Xbox one controller to your PC” then you have come to the right place.

Firstly, there are 2 ways to connect your Xbox one controller to your computer which can be either wired or wireless.

Here are the two methods which we will discuss in the post step by step –

  1. How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC with USB
  2. How to Connect Xbox One Controller to Computer with Bluetooth

Now let’s go step by step for the best and simple way for you to connect your console controller to your PC.

1) How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC via USB?

We are all in the zone of wireless, from chargers to ear plugs but if you don’t mind using wired device then USB is the best and easiest way to stage set up your Xbox One controller with a PC. As you know all the Xbox controller have a USB connector on them which let’s you to link them directly to your PC using a Micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable.

Step 1

Connect your USB cable to your switched-on PC

Step 2

Connect the other end that is the Micro USB point to your Xbox One controller

Step 3

Push the Xbox logo on your controller to turn it on

Your Xbox One controller will now be connected by your PC

By any means, if it’s still not connected then check the Xbox logo on your controller, if the light inside is flashing that means your controller has low battery and if it is charged but still now connecting then try using a different USB cable.

2) How to Pair Xbox One Controller to your PC via Bluetooth?

Now this method of connecting your controller with your PC is also very simple and obviously wireless.

Follow these simple steps to connect your Xbox controller to your PC using Bluetooth –

Step 1

Turn on the Xbox one controller by press holding the Xbox logo on the controller

Step 2

Switch on the Bluetooth of your PC and open the Bluetooth menu and prepare for pairing your controller

Step 3

Then press and hold the connect button on your Xbox controller for 3-4 seconds.

Step 4

After this your PC will automatically discover the Xbox Wireless controller and trigger you to pair the devices.

Step 5

Then in the “Bluetooth & other devices” menu press the Add or + sign to add the controller to your known device list.

Step 6

After that Xbox controller name will appear on the screen, select that and it will automatically connect.

With the above steps you can easily connect your PC to your Xbox controller via USB or Bluetooth.

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