How to Connect Phone to TV with USB (With or Without Port)

How to Connect Phone to TV with USB

Here, you will learn why and how to connect phone to TV with USB with or without USB port.

It’s true that the advent of wireless devices has made life a lot easier for us.

However, they also present some significant disadvantages. There will be situations that will make you feel the importance of having a wire.

The days of those wired phones are over; we are living in the time of smartphones and tablets.

However, if you are looking to transmit data from your phone to your television set, using a USB is always better than opting for data casting (transmit data wirelessly).

The section below would tell you why you should connect phone to TV with USB.

You will also get to know the process of establishing such connections.

Why You Should Connect Your Phone to Television Using USB?

Wireless connections are known to come with serious issues. The problems become more apparent when users try data casting from their phones/tablets to a TV.

The biggest problem people tend to face is lack of stability.

When you are trying to transmit data from your phone to your TV wirelessly, the route becomes pretty complex.

Data would hop from the web, to your smartphone, to the router or a dedicated casting device, to the television set. This sequence continues.

Wireless data transmission between a phone and a TV adds a link to the chain. This happens even when you are using two or three links. So, there are high possibilities that one of those links would snap and hinder the data transmission process.

This issue is experienced mostly when playing multi-player games or making video calls with more than one connection.

You will face problems even when your smartphone and TV would communicate directly. Phones and televisions communicate with each other via a radio. At times, the two units even communicate via a router or a similar device used for deriving internet connection.

It’s a widely known fact that when one radio signal crosses another the transmission process is seriously hampered. Wireless signals tend to drop from time to time due to the same reason.

For instance, if there’s a cordless phone in your room, it would most likely scramble the WiFi.

Now, let’s get into steps…

How to Connect Phone to TV with USB Cable?

You will have to begin by plugging in the phone. This will allow your television set to treat the phone as a source of signals.

Things will appear familiar to the TV particularly if it has previously been connected to a streaming box or gaming console.

Don’t forget to read through the TV’s manual before moving to the next step. Manuals carry some really useful information about your device’s port, it’s uses, it’s location, and so on. If you fail to locate the manual both in your home and online, check your TV set as well for available ports.

Here are the steps you should follow –

Step 1

Take a close look at your TV for locating the USB port. All modern-day flat screen TV units come with USB ports.

However, if you are using an older model, the unit might not feature any such port.

If your TV has a USB port, it should be situated alongside other ports like the one meant for HDMI cable. Make sure the port has the word “USB” imprinted on it.

You should not assume that you will come across the regular rectangle USB port. So, before you more to the next step, make sure you have a suitable cord.

Step 2

As soon as you locate the port, take out your USB cable and plug it into the port. The cable you use should fit the USB port of both the TV and phone.

Connect the phone and the TV using the cable and check whether the phone is charging.

You should never try to plug in any extension device including USB hubs into the TV’s USB port. The port might not support those units and thus can trigger serious issues.

Ideally, you should opt for a longer cord that will provide you with better access.

Step 3

Keeping the phone/tablet plugged in, take the television set’s remote control and find its Source button.

In some units, the source button is located on the TV’s side panel.

Some units also have the button on the television set’s menu underneath Source.

Find the option USB and select it.

Step 4

The above action should allow you to view the screen of your phone on your TV.

Depending on the kind of data you are looking to transmit, you might need to change its settings a bit for matching the two units perfectly.

For example, when watching a movie, you should always rotate the phone horizontally. This will keep the screen of your TV filled and enhance your movie watching experience.

On certain occasions, for instance, when checking out images, you may even need to turn Screen Rotation off by entering the device’s settings.

Based on your needs, you can also use certain accessories. For instance, you might need to buy a stand that would keep the smartphone at your preferred orientation.

How to Connect Your Phone to TV with USB when the TV Doesn’t Possess any USB Port?

It’s easy. You will just need to add one to the TV set. Almost every TV model in use currently come with multiple HDMI ports. Use one of those ports to connect the phone to your TV by connecting it (HDMI) to an USB adaptor.

For that, you will just need to plug the phone into the adapter’s USB side and then plug the HDMI end into any one of the free ports. Set the television into that port and you are now ready to transmit data from your phone to the TV.

To conclude, we would like to mention that this type of connection has one serious drawback. Unlike wireless connection, it often lacks speed. Still, it’s the best known option.

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