How to Compress Powerpoint (PPT) File Size?

How to Compress Powerpoint File Size

Are you unable to send your PowerPoint presentation through email due to the large file size? No worries! Here is something that may help you to compress PowerPoint file by reducing the size of pictures used in the PPT document.

Well, there are two things you can do to reduce PowerPoint file size –

  1. Use already compressed images in your presentation
  2. Utilize PowerPoint’s inbuilt Compress Pictures Tool

Before we start discussing above two methods respectively, let me help you to know how to check your PPT presentation file size.

Generally, anything larger than 7MB needs to be reduced for hassle free distribution.

In 2003 and earlier versions of PowerPoint, you need to check in General Tab from the File Menu.

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, first you need to click on office button icon in the top left corner, select Prepare and click on the Properties. Later, tap on the Document Properties and select Advanced Properties option. Here you will get a pop up where you can check the size of your PPT file.

Now, let’s understand how to compress a PowerPoint using above mentioned methods.

2 Ways to Compress PowerPoint File

#Method 1 – Use Already Compressed Images in Your Presentation

If you are aware of the issues generally experienced due to the larger file size and have not started your presentation yet, then this method will work for you in a better way.

What you need to do is –

Collect all pictures you are going to use in your document.

Now look for free image compressing tools like online.

Upload your images in your chosen tool and wait for the output.

Download compressed images which you can use in your PowerPoint presentation.

Using already compressed images will keep your file size smaller.

But, what if you have already created the PPT and later found that it is too large to send via email?

Is it good idea to compress each image manually using external image compressing tool?

Well, it’s not! It will eat up your too much time.

But, still there’s a way out to compress PPT in just few seconds.

Check below…

#Method 2 – PowerPoint’s Inbuilt Compress Pictures Tool

2007 version got inbuilt tool that can help you to compress pictures in PowerPoint.

Follow below steps to compress PPT file using Compress Pictures Tool –


Open your PowerPoint presentation and select all images showing in the first slide.


Click on the “Format” from the main menu navigation and look for the “Compress Pictures” option in the top left side.

PowerPoint Compress Pictures Tool
PowerPoint Compress Pictures Tool


Once you select the “Compress Pictures” option, a compression setting popup will open.

If you are going to use your presentation for web then you need to go to “Options” and checkmark “Screen (150 ppi): good for web pages and projectors” option. Click Ok, and select Apply to Selected Pictures Only and click Ok again.

You need to repeat the same process for all images on each slide.

It will take few minutes only.

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