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How To Check Phone’s Radiation Aka Sar Value?

How To Check Phone's Radiation Aka Sar Value

If you are thinking that a smartphone causes cancer, then the fact isn’t true. Most of the researchers claim that a cell phone doesn’t emit radiations. But, these radio waves are strong to damage the DNA. Having said that, there isn’t any relation with cancer and the frequent use of smartphones. It’s just that the radiations are not that strong to affect the DNA.

Now, the question arises, ‘how powerful the radiations are?’. With this aspect in mind, every electronic device emits a certain amount of non-ionizing radiation measured in REMS. The Specific absorption rate (SAR) which is the absorption capacity could then be a determining factor.

So, before moving on to the steps of how to determine the phone’s radiation SAR value, you need to know more about SAR.

What is SAR?

Whenever the electromagnetic waves are received and transmitted, some percentage is always lost. This actually occurs because the tissues of the body tend to absorb the energy.

Eventually, the emission is bound to occur because cell phones contain radio transmitters and receivers operating on a Wi-Fi network. So, as the waves are emitted, these are supposed to be carcinogenic in nature. Though they might impact health, the radio waves are considered to be harmless.

Ideally, cell phones are good only when the SAR value is equivalent to 1.6 W/kg.

Steps for Checking the SAR Value

To know more about the SAR value, you should always go through the details printed on the packaging. In case you can’t figure out the value, then visit the website of the company which designed the smartphone.

But this might be tedious especially when you are busy throughout the entire day. So, here’s another way that can help you know the SAR value.

Step 1: Once you switch on the smartphone, you first need to open the dialer or the phone app.

Step 2: Now, you need to dial ‘*#07#’ and wait till something pops up on the touchscreen. The number that gets displayed would then denote the SAR measurement of the communication device.

It’s always better when the SAR value is quite low. But, apart from everything else, the FCC in the US considers 1.6W/kg as the ideal reading.

So, there’s nothing to get afraid of if the SAR value is 1.2 or slightly more. Moreover, you would come across smartphones which have the SAR value anything between 0.5 and 0.6.

Subsequently, you can always think about ways to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.

How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure? (#3 Pro Tips)

Tip 1: When you hold the cell phone close to your ear, then the radiations can affect the brain. So, it’s always a good idea to use a headset or a speakerphone. Instead of interacting with the person on a call, you should prefer to send messages so that the brain doesn’t get exposed to radiations.

Tip 2: While you are sleeping, you should always remember to switch off the smartphone. You might prefer turning on the Airplane mode, but the phone would continue emitting harmful radiations at that point in time. In the end, your brain won’t get affected when you have kept the smartphone near the bed.

Tip 3: Finally, you should use a case which shields the touchscreen. This tip would certainly help because the cell phone would be maintaining the reception and protecting the body against harmful EMFs.

Hope you have learnt how to measure the SAR value. Do share the blog with your friends who prefer using a smartphone all the time.

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