How to Check Your AirPods Battery?

How to Check AirPods Battery Level

AirPods is one of the amazing inventions of Apple, it is very convenient, cordless, and even good looking.

It has a sleek cover case inside which you will find 2 earbuds, eventually it was release in 2016 and since then Apple has launched 3 versions which are AirPods, 2, and Pro.

Probably if you just got your hands on one of them and thinking how to check airpods battery then its very simple.

Just like all its user-friendly functions, checking AirPods battery level is easy too. You can do this simply by following below steps –

3 Ways of How to Check Airpods Battery Life

1) Check Battery Life on your iPhone/iPad

Step 1

First check that the Bluetooth connection on your iPhone or iPad is turned on. Keeping the Bluetooth turned on is important in order to keep connectivity with AirPods.

Step 2

Next hold the AirPods case near to the device and open its case.

Step 3

Immediately you will see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen which will show the battery life of the case along with the battery of Right earbud and Left earbud.

2) Confirm AirPods Charging Level on your Widget Page

In case you are wearing your AirPods and wants to check the battery then it can be done by enabling the battery widget on widget page –

Step 1

Simply go the Home Page and swipe to the right to open your widget page.

Step 2

Then scroll down and select “Edit” option

Step 3

Now find the battery widget and select the green “+” to enable the widget.

Step 4

Click on “Done” to save the changes

Step 5

After this when you will go back to the Widget page, it will show the battery life of all the connected device to your iPhone including the battery of AirPods.

3) Check AirPod Battery on Your Mac

Step 1

First switch on your Mac and go to the upper bar menu.

Step 2

Here you will find the Bluetooth symbol, click on that. (In case if you do not see the symbol, easily enable it by selecting “System Preferences > Bluetooth” then click on box next to “Show Bluetooth in menu bar.”)

Step 3

Now click on the Bluetooth symbol and check if it is turned on.

Step 4

After this you will find “Devices” option check under that if your AirPods connected to Mac or not.

Step 5

Here you will be able to see the battery life of your Right and Left earbuds along with the case life.

Well these were the 3 different ways to check the battery life of your AirPods.

In case you do not have a device to check the battery you can still figure out the battery level but not the exact number.

Simple open the case and check the colour of the LED.

If the light flashes to green that indicates the your device have a charging of more than 50%, and if the colour flashes to amber, that indicates the have a charging of less than 50%.

Hope this article was useful and gave you the answer about how you can check the battery life of AirPods easily.

Mehak Kandhari

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