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How to Change Time Zone on iPhone?

How to Change Time Zone on iPhone

Are you traveling to some place where time zone is different than yours?

If yes, then your iphone may stuck and could not assist you properly.

This is why you need to update the timezone of your iphone to make Wifi and other internet based Apps work properly.

In this post, I will show you how to change time zone on iPhone manually.

Odds are that when you first set up your iPhone, the date, time, and time zone, were completely designed naturally and everything configured automatically.

In addition, you have most likely seen when voyaging your iPhone that it will naturally change time zones for you.

You may never need to change your time physically but there can be a chance that you are travelling some place that has a different time zone and you can’t get any assistance (Wi-Fi or cell), so you could be stuck in reverse or forward in time.

Generally, an iOS gadget utilizes its area to consequently set the clock to the proper time zone.

If you are in need to edit the date and time zone of your iOS device, then below are the steps you need –

How to Change Time Zone on iPhone (7 Steps)

1) Go to the Settings app on your iPhone

2) Click on General

3) Now select Date & Time option

4) Tap on the Set Automatically option and disable it

 Note: Before manually changing the time zone on iPhone, disabling the automatically feature is necessary. 

5) Now select Time Zone option

6) Enter any city’s name manually on the search bar

7) Now tap on the list provided by iPhone based on your search

8) Here you will have to choose a city’s name in order to change your time zone.

How to Enable 24 Hour Time on iPhone?

Follow below steps in case you are in need to set the 24 hour time format –

1) Go to the Settings in your iPhone

2) Click on General

3) Now select Date & Time option

4) Select the on/off button next to 24-Hour time option

It’s very simple.

Why does iPhone Sometimes Show the Incorrect Time?

If your iPhone keeps resetting the time and ceaselessly show you an inappropriate date or time on the device, it is likely because of the battery on the device is being run down, and afterward, it is left off for an all-inclusive measure of time.

When a gadget has been depleted totally and the interior battery is dead it can show an inappropriate time until it is controlled back on and reconnected to the web once more.

When associated online as depicted above, iOS will get to the time server and area subtleties, and right the time.

Without doing that, or without manually setting the proper time it can be possible that iPhone may continue to show the wrong time or date.

Hope you find this ultimate guide about how to change time zone on iphone useful. If yes, then don’t forget to share these tips with your other companions on social media.

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