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How To Change Facebook Theme With A Google Chrome Extension?

Seeking for tools that would help you transform the look of Facebook? If so, then you should go through the steps which elaborate on how to change Facebook themes using a Google Chrome extension. With this step by step procedure, it’s not only possible to change the color but also the theme.

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How to Change Facebook Color Scheme and Theme with Google Chrome Extension?

Step 1: Launch / open Google Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome web store.

Step 2: In the search bar, type ‘Facebook color change’ and download and install Facebook Themes Extension.

Facebook Color Change Extension

Step 3: Once you’re done, click on ‘Customize’ and follow the path ‘Control Google Chrome Button >> Tools >> Extensions’ Alternatively, you can view the list of extensions by typing ‘chrome://extensions/’.

Step 4: Click on ‘Options’ once you have traced the relevant extension. Refer to the image below to get an idea of what we trying to say.

Facebook Themes

Step 5: Click ‘Explore’ to view the list of Facebook themes. After selecting one of these, click ‘Install’.

Step 6: Finally, click on the installed tab to cross check the changes.

Step 7: Open Facebook to check whether the platform boasts a new theme. Later, according to your taste, you can keep changing the looks from the collection.

If the new theme doesn’t appeal you, then you could return back to the default theme. To accomplish this task, you have to go back to the Installed tab and disable the theme.

On the other hand, once you uncheck the extension box, you can disable the extension totally.

NOTE: The change in color and theme is applied temporarily. At any instance, you can switch to other themes in case you are bored of what’s on the Facebook page.

How to Change Facebook Color Scheme on Firefox?

Step 1: Launch Firefox and go to ‘Add-ons’ listed under the three line option towards the right hand side.

Step 2: Type ‘Facebook Color Scheme’ in the search box and install ‘Facebook Color Changer’ with the button towards the right side.

Step 3: Navigate to the Facebook home page, and log into the account with your credentials.

Step 4: Once you’re directed to the main page, you can select the color from an icon near the address bar.

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