How to Change Default Google Account (Laptop and PC)

How to Change Default Google Account

This guide will help you to know how to change default Google account on your office laptop and personal PC. And, will also give you few reasons why you should do it.

In fact, changing my default Google account helps me to save 30 minutes in the morning at office daily.


Well, before I was not aware about the fact that I can change my default Google account, my personal Gmail account is set to default in my office laptop.

I used to check my emails first thing in the morning at office, and as my personal Google account is set to default….I daily spend more than 30 minutes to check and reply to emails from friends and family members.

That’s actually sucks my office work unknowingly!

Besides it, there may be other reasons that pinch me to set default Google account separately for my office and personal laptops. That include –

  1. To Avoid distraction
  2. For better time management
  3. To access Google Apps at work and to use regular Gmail for personal use
  4. Have two-factor authentication for my office Google account
  5. I set different privacy rules for each account.

This is why I started to look for ways on how to change the default Google account online.

I am sharing the exact tips to alter the default Google account with multiple accounts that work for me.

Honestly, changing default Gmail account is pretty easy and will take only few minutes.

Before we get into steps, let me first share with you what Google says and it will surely make the whole picture more clear –

In many cases, your default account is the one you signed in with first. On mobile devices, your default account can vary depending on your device’s operating system and the apps you use.

Now, let’s discuss the steps…

How to Change Default Google Account for Office and Personal Laptop or PC?

First, I will let you know that how I changed my work account to be my default Google account for office purpose.

Step 1 – Sign Out of Current Gmail Account First

To do this, go to and it will let you access your current account. Now click on your profile picture and hit the log out button.

It will help you to sign out from all accounts.

Sign Out of Gmail Account
Sign Out of Gmail Account

Step 2 – Sign in Again

Now, go to and sign in again with the email ID you want to be your default account. Here, I am using my work email as I need to set it as default Google account in my office PC.

Step 3 – Add More Accounts

As the first Gmail you used to login is already set to your default account, and thus you can add multiple accounts if require.

Click on the profile picture, and a drop down will come up where you can see an option called “Add Another Account”. Click on it and enter your email ID and password. That’s it.

Add Multiple Gmail Accounts
Add Multiple Gmail Accounts

By the way, I have followed the same process to change my default Google account in my personal laptop.

The only difference is that I have used my personal email id first while logging into Gmail.

So, this is how you can change your default Google account and even switch from one to another account without any need of signing out and in frequently.

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