How to Change (Update) Credit Card on iTunes?

How to Change Credit Card on iTunes

If you are not being able to make a purchase on iTunes or getting notifications about your credit card being expired, then that means you need to change or update your card details.

Here in this article, I will guide you on how to change credit card on iTunes.

Luckily, this process can be easily done on your iPhone, with the help of your Apple ID credentials.

So, let us begin the process of updating your credit card information so that you can again start making purchase in iTunes or in the App Store whenever you want.

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How to Change Credit Card on iTunes Using your iPhone

Step 1

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone

Step 2

Then scroll down and click on the “iTunes & App Store” option

Step 3

Click on the Apple ID (this is typically your email address)

Step 4

Next select “View Apple ID” (here you might be asked to Sign in, do this with the help of your Apple id credentials)

Step 5

Now click on “Manage Payments” option (in case you are using an older version of iOS, then it will be as “Payment Information” option.

Step 6

Now update your credit card information, and then click on “Done” at the top right corner of the screen.

After this step your credit card information will be updated.

How to Update Payment Method or Credit Card Details on Mac?

Step 1

Switch on your Mac and open the “App Store”

Step 2

Now select your name or the sign in button at the bottom

Step 3

Press “View information” option

Step 4

Here click on “Manage Payments” next to “Payment Information”

Step 5

Now, sign in with your Apple ID (do this with the help of your Apple id credentials)

Step 6

After signing in you will be able to easily update the payment method simply by selecting the “Edit” option

You can either “Add” a payment method or even “Remove’ one.

In brief,

So, these were the two ways on how to change credit card on iTunes.

In case you are not being able to edit your payment information then try revising to the newest version of iOS or macOS.

If it’s still not happening then check if you share purchases with your Family Sharing group or have an unpaid balance pending, this can be one reason for not being able to update the payment option.

Managing the payments option on the Apple device is quite easy and after you update the payments option it will automatically be done for iTunes, App Store, iCloud etc.

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