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How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone?

How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone

How to change Bluetooth name on iPhone?

Answer is simple, change the name of your iPhone and that name will automatically set for all wireless connectivity.

Now Onward, whenever you try to make wireless connection with speaker or headphones through bluetooth or wifi, an updated name will show up.

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When You Need to Change the Name of iPhone?

In case, you have more than one iPhone at your home then it can sometimes be confusing while configuring a new device.

Or you want to have something unique as your iPhone name.

In brief, these are some ideal conditions when you need to change the name of your iOS device.

In this article, I will talk about how to change Bluetooth name on iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, plus, X, and newer versions.

How to Update Bluetooth Name on iPhone 7 and Later Devices?

Well, the iPhone by default sets the device name as your name or “iPhone.

For example if your name is Josh then the name will show as ‘Josh’s iPhone’ but if you still want to customize the name it can be done easily.

Just follow the below guide on how to customize name on iPhone –

1) Go to the Settings app on your iPhone

2) Next click on the General option

3) Now scroll down and select About option

About Option in iPhone
About Option in iPhone

4) Under this section, tap on Name option

iPhone Name Option

iPhone Name Option

5) Now click on the x button to remove the current name

Change iPhone Name
Change iPhone Name

6) Next type your desired name

7) Now get back and check the name on the Bluetooth option it will be updated.

That’s it, you have successfully edited bluetooth name on your iPhone.

In brief, you cannot change the bluetooth name separately and thus for this you need to change the name of your device itself.


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