How to Cancel Tidal Auto Renewal Subscription?

How to Cancel Tidal

Regardless of whether you are done with the 30-day free preliminary or you simply do not need it any longer, dropping your membership on Tidal is snappy and simple.

The procedure can be finished from any gadget with an internet browser or with the help of Tidal app.

So, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to unsubscribe Tidal –

3 Ways of How to Cancel Tidal Subscription

Steps to Cancel Tidal From Your Web Browser

Step 1

Go to your browser and open

Step 2

Next submit your login in credentials (this is generally your email id used to create an account with Tidal and password)

Step 3

Now click on “Subscription”

Step 4

Next select the “Cancel My Subscription” option. (Here you will be asked if you’re sure about the cancelation, simply confirm)

Steps to Get Rid of Tidal Subscription with the Help of Mobile App

Step 1

First go to the “Tidal app” on your phone and log in.

Step 2

Next select “My Collection” option

Step 3

Now select the “Settings” options

Step 4

Under “settings” go to “My Profile”

Step 5

Next click on “Manage Subscriptions”

Step 6

Under the “Manage subscriptions” option find and select “Subscription”

Step 7

Ultimately choose the “Cancel Subscription” option to end Tidal subscription.

How to Stop Tidal’s Auto Renewal Subscription with Apple Wallet/iTunes?

Step 1

Go to “Settings” on your iOS device.

Step 2

Next tap on your name or profile on the top of the menu options

Step 3

Now click on the “Subscriptions” option

Step 4

Here you will see different subscriptions, select Tidal.

Step 5

Now tap on “Cancel Subscription” and then press “Confirm”

Note: In case you don’t find the Subscription option, go to iTunes & AppStore > Apple ID > View Apple ID. Here you might have to sign in and then select “Subscription” option and continue from step 4.

In brief,

So here were the simple and easy steps in which you can easily cancel Tidal auto renewal subscription.

Unsubscribing or cancelling a particular plan or free trial a day before the next billing cycle is the best option to avoid unnecessary charges.

This way you can decide any other changes or issues occurring while cancelling the subscriptions.


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