How to Cancel Comcast in just 4 Steps?

How to Cancel Comcast

On the off chance that you have Comcast as a cable service provider, and you wish to change to an alternate provider. Here’s the guide you need to know how to cancel comcast.

Regardless of whether the change is because of an increase in the cost of your bill or an extraordinary proposal from a different provider, the possibility of an alternate supplier can be exceptionally charming.

Be that as it may, the reality of changing cable providers is scaring, particularly thinking about how troublesome Comcast is going to make it for you to drop your service.

So, here’s how you can drop Comcast service using below 4 different means –

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1) Contact Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY

To begin, you will need to call Comcast (Xfinity) legitimately at 1-800-934-6489. As you want to drop Comcast, but their service cannot be dropped online or without calling.

This is purposeful as individuals are more averse to push hard to drop a service that they are compelled to converse with an individual.

There is no particular Comcast maintenance number so before you call, ensure you are in a good mood quiet and have enough time to finish the call without surging.

Since the call choices change routinely, follow the prompts. At the point when the prompts inquire as to whether you are moving just state “No”.

Your end goal is to arrive at the retention team and not a technical support or a sales rep.

2) Make an Excuse

After you have successfully navigated the call options and have been diverted to the right place where and talking with the member of the retention team, then your next step has to be about making an excuse.

Now you will be posed with a significant inquiry and will be asked why you want to cancel Comcast? Immovably yet courteously state, “I need to drop my Comcast service” and state an excuse.

(The excuse can be like you are moving out of the country or something like that)

Now the retention team will try to overcome any problem or issues you have with the service and will try to continue with the contact and lock you with Comcast again, but remember not to explain them about their poor service or high prices, and poor internet.

The team is guided with scripts and trained to convince you again into their service.

Your sole goal is to cancel Comcast, do not get into other things. Just give them a reason and ask them to cancel it regardless anything else.

3) Return Equipment and Confirm Cancellation

So, once you have effectively dropped your agreement, you need to return all your hardware and equipment provided by Comcast. Comcast will charge you for any unreturned hardware, down to the littlest rope.

At the point when you are on your call with your service executive, request a nitty-gritty rundown of the gear Comcast has for you. This incorporates things, names, and sequential numbers. Presently it is your chance to keep them on the line as you check.

If something doesn’t coordinate, it can cause problems later on, so make sure that you buy your own modem to dodge rental expenses, ensure Comcast knows and not expecting a modem back. Be intensive and combine all your Comcast gear in one box.

4) Call Back to Confirm the Cancellation with Comcast

The most significant thing about cancelling Comcast service is affirming that you have really dropped it.

When everything is done, get back to Comcast and solicit them the status of your account. Inquire as to whether there is any extra charges or outstanding balance even ask questions as to whether there is any unreturned hardware or if the service is totally dropped or not.

If they say something is lacking, get them to wrap everything up and afterward get back to once more to double check.

In brief,

If you have successfully completed all the above steps then that is a matter of celebration, as cancelling Comcast is not a piece of cake.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be patient, as Comcast executives are trained to negotiate with you and get you engaged in their service once again.

Don’t do this mistake, if you have made up your mind about cancelling Comcast just remember nothing can stop you.

This is not an easy task but with patients and a little effort you can achieve it.

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