How to Block Calls on Comcast with Xfinity Voice?

How to Block Calls on Comcast Xfinity Voice

This step by step guide will let you know all possible ways of how to block calls on Comcast Xfinity home phone. It will help you to prevent unsolicited and unwanted robocalls.

Before we start digging deeper, let us tell you that Xfinity is a brand owned by Comcast, used to trade communication services such as Cable TV, Internet, Telephone, and Wireless services throughout United States of America.

So, if you are using Xfinity telephone and trying to block phone numbers then you are at the right place.

With Xfinity Voice, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service you get below two important features that help you to stop unwanted callers from calling you –

  • Call Screening
  • Anonymous Call Rejection

Let’s understand both the features perceptively to know how you can use each feature to block calls on Comcast Xfinity telephone.

Two Ways to Block Calls on Comcast Xfinity Home Phone

1) Be Unavailable with Call Screening Feature

With Xfinity Voice service you are allowed to add up to 25 callers in a list who will receive a voice call saying that currently you are not available to pick the call.

Note: Call Screening is a different feature than the Anonymous Call Rejection and not included in the Xfinity Voice Unlimited Saver plan.

To use this feature, first you need to activate it by following below steps –

How to Activate Call Screening with Xfinity Voice?

Step 1

Lift the phone receiver and listen to the dial tone.

Step 2

Now, press *60 and follow further instructions to activate the feature.

To deactivate the Call Screening feature on your Xfinity call, you just need to pick up the receiver and press *80, when you get the prompts, press 3 to turn off the feature.

Once you activate the Call Screening feature, you need to follow below steps to blacklist certain contacts.

Block Calls using Call Screening with Xfinity Voice

It is the right feature when you are in need to blacklist specific phone numbers.

By following below instructions you can add unwanted callers into blacklist permanently or temporarily –

Step 1

If you are using Xfinity Voice and Xfinity Internet, then go to

Step 2

Find the Voice Icon or Receiver Icon in the top right corner and click on it. If it is not there, then try by clicking the menu icon.

Step 3

It will ask for your Xfinity ID and password. Add it.

Step 4

Now, go to settings and tap on the Voice Preferences menu.

Step 5

Here, you will find an option called “Call Blocking”. Click on it.

Step 6

In the next screen, you will find a space to add number you are trying to block. Enter the number and hit the Add button to block the number.

(To unblock call on the Comcast Xfinity Phone, you just need to click on the Trash Icon right after the number.)

2) Block Calls Automatically with Anonymous Call Rejection Feature

From the March 17, 2020, all existing Xfinity users with Xfinity Voice Unlimited, Unlimited Select, and Local With More calling plans will get this feature enabled by default.

With this feature on, all calls from callers with their caller ID blocked (Name and Number are disabled to display) will automatically get a pre-recorded voice message that you are not receiving any calls from those who have blocked their caller ID.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback of this feature as it cannot differentiate between the legitimate and unwanted calls. It is designed to block all calls lacking in caller ID information.

Here’s how you can activate and use this feature appropriately –

How to Activate Anonymous Call Rejection Feature?

Step 1

Lift the phone receiver and listen for the dial tone.

Step 2

Press *77 for a while and wait for the confirmation tone that this particular feature has been activated.

To deactivate it, pick up the receiver and press *87 and wait until you get the confirmation that the featured has been turned off.

If you are thinking to block all the anonymous call coming to your Comcast Xfinity home phone, here’s how you can use this feature –

How to Use Xfinity Anonymous Call Rejection Feature

Step 1

Go to to access Xfinity Connect and click on the Phone icon.

Step 2

Enter your Xfinity login credentials and go to settings.

Step 3

Now, go to Voice Preferences and select Call Blocking.

Step 4

Here, you will see a Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) section. Tick mark the “Block all anonymous calls”.

That’s it; you have successfully blocked calls on Comcast with ACR feature.

If you have got this feature on, all anonymous calls will show up as Blocked instead of Missed on the Xfinity Connect Website.

In the caller ID, you will get a “Anonymous” text instead of Private, Unavailable or Null.

Types of Calls You Can Block with Xfinity Voice?

With Xfinity Voice, you are allowed to access different call blocking options that help to get rid of unwanted phone calls.

With Xfinity Voice, you can stop robocalls using their “Nomorobo” services.

Besides it, all calls to 900/976 will automatically blocked by the system. This is a default facility and you don’t need to pay for this. You cannot even unblock these numbers as well.

Using above mentioned two methods, you can block all unwanted Collect Calls and Bill to Third Party Calls.

Was this information helped you to learn how to block calls on Comcast home phone? If yes, then don’t forget to share it with other Xfinity home phone users and help them to get rid of suspicious phone calls.


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