How The Best Spy Software for Android Phones Benefit to You?

Spy Software features helps to protect your child

It is not unusual for parents to get worried about the activities of children. In the early age, there is always a high probability that the children might get misguided by baleful elements for unethical activities. For instance, most of the parents are worried about the new trending Blue Whale Suicide Challenge. They want their children to stay away from such kind of harmful and online or offline happenings.

Hence, it does not mean that they need to install hidden cameras in their room and spy on them. The good news is that technology has its own version of mobile units. There are some really helpful spy software available in the market for android phones that help you to keep eye on your kid’s daily activities.

Spy app is an application that can be installed on any Android phone. There are plentiful advantages of using spy apps. Some of them are mentioned below:

Benefits of Using Spy Apps

Track All Call Details

It is possible to track all the calls that have been made or received on suspect’s phone. The spy app will also display cell numbers of caller/called as well as the duration of the call.

Moreover, if the number is registered on the phonebook, you can know the name/image. And the system will also send you the call log details on your registered email address. There are plenty of spy software’s are available in market but not all software allows you to record a phone calls.

Access to Address Book

The spy software gives the parents to access their child’s phone book and details of the contact list. Whenever a new contact data is created on the phone, you can check the record on a dashboard. You can also download the contact list in CSV format. In this way, parents can understand what their kids are doing, and to whom they are talking to.

SMS Tracking Details

Parents are generally worried about whom their child is texting. There might be a chance that they are talking with strangers. With the help of the spy software, it is possible to read all the text messages of the child’s phone, whether it had been sent or received on the phone and that too without touching their cell phone. Even you can read the messages which have been deleted by the child. In general parents do spy on text messages of their kids to keep them safe from strangers, cyber bullying and even cyber identity theft issues.

Track Instant Messaging Apps


Instant Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and similar apps are so not only addictive because of its ‘easy-to-use’ nature. These are the hot-favorite tools among children for texting. Therefore, parents must keep eye on these apps so that they could know to whom they are communicating. In this case, parents can use Instant Messaging Spy software for checking the messages of their children that too without letting them know that you have installed spy software on their smart phone.

TiSPY Parental Control Software is one such software which allows parents to track & monitor Instant Messaging Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Hike, Line, Hangout, Skype, Kik messages, and Mails. Apart from messages of Instant Messaging apps parents can also track media files like video & images from such applications.

Remotely Control

The best part about a Spy App is parents can remotely monitor the online activities of their children from desktop easily. A Spy App traces every call and messages automatically without the children letting know that they are being traced. Therefore, as a parent, you just need to sit back and relax, the app will email you the data of the information on the registered email ID. Parents can simply login to spy software web version from anywhere and check all smart phone activities from single dashboard.

GPS Location Tracking


A Spy App helps to trace the current location of the children. Therefore, you can check the details that where they exactly have been. The location feature allows parents to see exactly where their children are with an in-built map in your dashboard. They cannot lie you about where they are going. Hence, you can supervise them and protect them without letting them know. Using parental control software parents can set geo fencing alert as well which give them instant alert if their kid enters in unwanted or dangerous zone.

Internet History Details

The Internet is full of useful as well as distracting things. A child, at his age, cannot decide what is good is what is bad for him/her. They may get addicted to pornography or any other violent content should not they are supposed to access at their age. Hence, it is always important for parents to monitor their children’s activities. A Spy App allows the parents to trace the internet history details of their child’s phone and allow them to block certain sites that are harmful to the child.


This is one of the unique features of the spy app. Keylogger feature give access to monitor a child from anywhere. You can assure the safety of the child by viewing exactly what they are typing into social network and chat apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook and browsers.  Moreover, it is possible to capture exact keywords which they type on search engines.

When it is a concern about child’s safety, the parents should not think twice. It is advisable to use a Spy App to assure the safety of the child. Apart from above features Spy Software has few other important features as well like parents can wipe out all data from smartphone, Can see live surroundings using kids smart phone camera and many more.


Written by Hardip Koradia

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