How Technology Helps to Improve Focus, Meditation & Sleep?

How Technology Helps to Improve Focus Meditation Sleep

With everyone engaged in a hectic schedule, nobody ever bothers to spare time in ringing up their loved ones. While the subtle nuances have lost over a period of time, people have now switched to texting. It might be very much easy to wrap up the message, but it doesn’t really work to strengthen a relationship. The lack of intimacy eventually makes the person feel alone and isolated. Moreover, no one knows what the person is up to even when he or she seeks to stay connected through an online chat or over Skype.

A ‘quantity over quality’ message is soon becoming a part of everyone’s mentality. People never know when they might be ditched when the Facebook status moves on from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’. They have lost the ability to confront issues when they have come across an ‘easy way out’. Needless to say, individuals find it easy to break a relationship through just one email. The audacity of meeting up with the mate and saying ‘it doesn’t work for me’ has now faded away. But, this is not true in every situation. Certain technologies have helped people to cope up with a busy life and stay calm. These offer a great way to connect with the surroundings even when the mind is cluttered with many things.

Available on the Play Store, helps people to influence their cognitive state. They can focus on their work with any distraction, meditate with a soothing soundtrack in the backdrop or have a good night’s sleep after a stressful day. As the efficacy of innovation is thoroughly researched, the tool enhances mental performance by incorporating the change. As the app is supported by AI, a person can experience benefits within a matter of 15 minutes.


Even when the individual has never practiced meditation anytime before, Headspace helps the person to live a life with a peaceful mind. Soon after going for the subscription, hundreds of themed sessions help to manage everything from stress to sleep. When time is valuable for busy schedules, bite-sized meditations actually turn out to be beneficial. In the end, Headspace gives the urge to become compassionate only when it’s used for three weeks. You just need to download the app and make your way through right from the basics.


If you still struggling to manage anxiety all throughout the day, then you can take the advantage of cognitive behavioral therapy presented by Pacifica. As the app keeps a track of your activities, it registers them and then identifies the actions that bring in stress. Once you are aware of what’s the root cause of the anxiety, you can actually alter the routine and act differently. Well, finally, you would be overflowing with joy once you succeed in accomplishing your goals.

Mood Log

Synonymous to Pacifica, Mood Log is the best app for people who are unable to fight away depression, stress and bipolar mood disorder. You simply need to update the log and then go back to search things that can make your happy. Ideally, the goal is recognize patterns and perceive what you can possibly do to feel better. If you’re an iPhone user, then it’s better to hunt alternatives because Mood Log is not developed for iOS.


Breathe2Relax aims to fix issues pertaining to quick short breaths. It’s nothing but a stress management app that helps you breathe right from the diaphragm. However, even if it’s been created for soldiers, the app has always served to be the best in relieving stress. Apart from the usual features, you also avail resources to simmer down depression, anxiety and stress.


With activities and game right from this stress management application, Happify works towards building a positive mindset. Mindfulness and kindness can surely be improved once the person indulges in different activities. You get the power to set goals and skim through tips on how you could achieve them. Owing to its extremely interactive interface, you are sure to use the app and cope with stress like never before.

Personal Zen

If you enjoy playing games on your iPhone, then Personal Zen is just for you. The fun begins when you start tracing grass gathered by a happy face. To enhance your focus, you can always plug-in your headphones and enjoy the music played in the background. Well, as for the benefits, you would be training yourself to ignore the angry face and proceed in following a happy face.

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