How Students Hack Kahoot Platform?

How Students Hack Kahoot

Kahoot is an interactive online platform that uses a process called gamification or lets users play educational games.

With Kahoot teachers can transform regular assignments like homework or tests into interesting games that can help students to study in a fun way.

Many schools and teachers had adapted the method of online learning with this platform.

The application also has around 70 million users worldwide, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kahoot platform is helping students to stay at home and study.

But as the application is growing popularity so is students are finding ways to hack it.

Recently many complaints have arrived from numerous users that their Kahoot platform is being bombarded with irrelevant or impertinent traffic.

Also, while playing quizzes or any other assignment bots are being filled to interrupt the games as well.

Why Are Students Hacking Kahoot?

Well there can be numerous reasons to why students are hacking the platform but one such student gave the most thought-provoking answer.

He said that recently their teachers introduced the Kahoot platform and organized daily quizzes and students who came first were rewarded.

He said it was fun in the beginning but got boring as only 1 or 2 particular students were getting the first prize.

After this he got the idea to create a tool that spammed the quizzes with fake users etc.

Another thing that students are doing with the platform is that they are coming up with offensive names for accounts.

They then flood the stream with them, just to get a kick out of the online class.

Though according to some the activity is totally harmless and a less attractive way to show off simple coding skills, but still it is creating a problem.

How to Hack Kahoot?

Well if you are curious to how students are hacking Kahoot then there are many ways in which the platform can be hacked.

Let us understand how they do it.

There are plenty of kahoot smasher tool that students are using to exploit this education platform.

The website or are some of them.

This tool is for those who wants to explore the educational platform in different ways.

It is also a popular tool for pranking teachers and educators in between an ongoing class.

The main purpose of the tool is that it adds bots to games or quizzes to interrupt it.

The tool is available on Google Chrome Extension.

Disclaimer: But one thing we should keep in mind that such tools are not a legal way to explore an educational platform.

Kahoot Cheats & Codes

Many websites on the internet claim of giving Kahoot Cheats and codes but according to us they are fake.

There are no working cheats or codes of the online platform and if you found a website proving them then there are highly chances that it is fake.

According to Dave Duck (a mind behind the bot programs) – he was inspired to make something like this when his teacher tried to send Kahoot to review a lesson.

So without full class the app didn’t work, that’s the reason behind the existence of bots to start the full class.

Duck also stated that “In my experience it’s an ineffective way of actually teaching or testing anything; the questions are too short, and the environment doesn’t lend itself to critical thinking”

Kahoot’s Take On These Hacks

David Micklethwait is the vice president of product for Kahoot and he is totally aware about the hackers.

It was also stated that there are a very small percentage of hacker out of more than 70 million users worldwide.

He was also amazed that how students are doing these pranks because of competition issues which is an important part of the platform as it makes it fun.

According to him the platform is also helping students who engage less in class are more active on the platform.

For extra security, the organization has actualized a two-advance confirmation process.

In which after entering a PIN for the test, users will likewise be solicited to enter a visual string from shapes that will change at regular intervals.

With this it will be a lot harder for somebody outside of the study hall to join the Kahoot.

According to Micklethwait – they will also provide an option to generate nickname for teacher instead of allowing students to make their own.

Role of Tech and Teachers?

As we know that now a days children try to stay 2 steps ahead of adults or teachers but how can we prevent such situation?

Brian Davis, a professor at Fresno Pacific University stated the practice as rebellious than destructive.

So, we should remember that when we introduce technology in classroom it should be equal in both ways.

Be it teachers or students, the point is they should be comfortable in using them.

David added that he encourages his student and educators to not go for a single available app but to be comfortable with 2-3 different platforms.

This will not only make room for new stuff, but one can avoid such situations as well.

Kahoot is an incredible platform for spot-check evaluations, just as overviews and icebreakers, as indicated by Davis.

One of its focal points over customary paper-and-pen audit tests is that it can show educators continuously which ideas the entire class may be battling with.


This is everything about the Kahoot and hacking efforts students are doing frequently.

Well, some can be mischievous but not all, we have to understand the psychology behind these acts.

Not only a platform can bring competition, but these aspects are common among children to maybe gain attention of how a particular situation.

As we know the Coronavirus outbreak has stopped children from going to school and attending classes like before, but then such platforms like Kahoot has helped us to bring the knowledge aspect back.

Many parents from all around the world worried about their children’s education but then such platform can work wonders.

As it gets the whole classroom together, well not physically but virtually.

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