Guest Mode App to Share Your SmartPhone with Friends

Guest Mode is a useful feature which enables you to share the smartphone in a safer way. You can simply go to settings and turn on the guest mode when the cell phone is used by your friends. If you don’t know about the guest mode app, then here’s a list of the best guest mode apps.

Guest Mode App

Guest Mode App

One of the best guest mode apps is GuestMode. You can run the application only when the communication device is rooted and is running on Android 4.2 or above. With the help of the shortcut, you can easily switch between different user profiles. However, the guest environment is distinguished from the main account. Apart from you, nobody has access to text messages, image gallery, email, browsing history and other sort of information.

There are some tips you need to consider while using this app. Do backup the device before using the application. In case you get stuck with the guest account, you would be left with an option of rebooting the device. Even if that doesn’t work, you have to do it through the command prompt. Go to the ‘adb shell’ and then move on with ‘am switch-user 0’. Remember not to log with you own credentials or else the guest would have access to data. As you set up the guest account, select ‘not now’ when you need to enter the Google account.

SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

Switchme Guest Mode App

SwitchMe helps you to create user profiles on the Android Device. You can set up the account based on settings, apps and current system partition. While the app works on different versions of Android OS, it doesn’t run virtually just like any other solution. Instead, it allows other users to do everything within a separate framework, and work with their own system. Do follow a practice of installing the superuser app and make sure the su request has been enabled.

As similar to GuestMode, if you can’t toggle between profiles, then you should uninstall, reboot and install the app all over again from the Google Play Store. Later, profiles and data would be restored as they were in the original state.

Multiple Accounts – 2 Accounts

Yet another guest mode app is Multiple Accounts. Once installed on the communication device, you can always have an account with another one for the guest. This would help both of you to message individuals instantly, and connect with mates and share data accordingly. Even when you can do lot many things, the in-built processor never fails with its capabilities. Moreover, privacy and security is always maintained when you switch between interfaces.

Hope this article has helped you in a different way. If you have discovered any other application, then feel free to comment us. It would always be a pleasure to hear from you.

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