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How to Google What Song is Playing Right Now?

what song is playing right now

When the system is loaded with a list of soundtracks, sometimes you could recognize the songs by simply listening to the lyrics. You could probably use Shazam that’s nothing but an app still available for smartphones. But, with the advent of technology, you actually don’t need such an app. Voice assistants like Google Now, Siri and Cortana help you to identify the song.

How to Identify What Song is Playing Right Now on iPhones & iPad

If you’re using a communication device running on iOS, then Siri aids you to identify the song you are presently listening. Although the feature is supported by Shazam, you no longer need to download and thereby install the app on the communication device. Here’s what you need to follow.

 Step 1: Hold and press the home button of the iPhone for some time. This step would direct you to Siri.

 Step 2: Through the microphone, say ‘Hey, Siri’ only if the feature is enabled.

Step 3: Utter something like ‘What song is playing?’ or ‘Name the Tune’. Once the feature recognizes your voice, the song can then be tracked easily.

NOTE: Siri offers you to purchase soundtracks from iTunes through the ‘Buy’ button. But, you can just note down the song name and the artist. Later, you can source the song from a genuine source or through some other service.

How to Identify a Song on iPhones & iPad


If you need a list of songs, then you can go to the iTunes Store.

How to Identify a Song on Android?

How to find out what song is playing on my android device? Here comes the use of “OK Google” voice commands.

Step 1: Check whether the OK Google feature is enabled.

Step 2: Later, say ‘OK Google, what song is this?’ If the communication device doesn’t support the feature, then tap on the microphone option that’s present on the search bar. The option is clearly visible towards the top of the home screen.

Step 3: Finally, say ‘Google What Song is this?”

How to Find What Song is Playing Right Now on Windows 10?

When you are using a computer running on Windows, then you can use Cortana to identify the song. Simply, launch Cortana and utter ‘What is this song?’ Songs can also be identified when they are played on the system. Just make sure you’re not listening to the track with headphones.

Playing on Windows 10

Well, this way works great on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 smartphones provided that these support Cortana. Besides, it works if a Cortana app is installed on Android or iOS.

How to Find Out What Song is Playing on Mac OS X?

Just as it’s with iPhones and iPads, you can trace the song with the help of Siri.

Step 1: Open Siri and as usual say ‘Hey Siri’. Just ensure that the feature is enabled before you utter the words.

Step 2: Say a sentence like ‘Name the tune’ or ‘What song is playing?’ Siri would then understand the command and find the song.

How to Identify a Song on Windows 7, Linux & Chrome OS?

With other systems, you can use a web-based tool on This boasts an interface as similar to the online version of Shazam. Offered by SoundHound, the tool competes with Shazam is delivering services.

While the tool requests you to hum the tune or start singing the song. But, that’s actually not required. Once the tool captures the audio from the built-in speakers, the song could be identified in no time.

Windows 7, Linux & Chrome OS

Finally, we would like to mention that songs can be identified only when there’s no disturbance around. If you are able to hear the lyrics, then a search engine would work. Besides, once you include the lyrics in double quotes in the search bar, you would be directed to the respective web page.


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