Google Insider Leaks The Stunning Design Of Pixel 4

google pixel 4 design

One of the best sub-$500 smartphone which you can probably buy is the new Pixel 3a launched by Google. But, Pixel 4 is where all the excitement lies. So, now, it is very much easy to see why.

Google Pixel 4 concept based on leaks BEN GESKIN
Google Pixel 4 concept based on leaks   BEN GESKIN

SlashLeaks, which is a site, now run by the remarkably accurate leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, in a new tweet, has revealed that the people will get an all-new design in the Pixel 4. Finally, it shows that Google will contribute to giving some style to the Pixel range specifically with a perfect hybrid of the iPhone XS and also Galaxy S10+. This again includes following years of the wrapping great tech in the dated chassis.

Its images are mainly obtained by Slashleaks with the help of case maker Skinomi which is very much confident in its source so that, it is already involved in taking pre-orders from the customers. However, the bad news, in this case, is that Skinomi is only focusing on selling a screen protector at this particular stage and so, we do not generally get a look at the back of the phone. The key point of interest, in this case, is that Google widely expected to probably move the Pixel range to dual or sometimes even triple cameras.

Back in March, accidentally, Google confirmed the Pixel 4 but, the key details have been a great mystery. Again, this is in complete contrast to the Pixel 3 and so, arguably it was considered to be the most leaked smartphone of the last year.

Google Pixel 4 design leaked by Skinomi

Google Pixel 4 design leaked by Skinomi BEN GESKIN

We merely have a wishlist at this point in time. The design was nailed by Google but, it is also considered to be most essential that both the Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4 comes with more RAM than their predecessors, bigger batteries and also larger storage options. Still, Google’s Pixel has the presence of the world’s best point and also shoot smartphone cameras. On the other hand, most of the rivals have increasingly gone for the gimmicks. Now, the rest of the phone generally needs to step up.

Most probably, you have cracked one of the best pieces of the puzzle Google. It is the best time to deliver on the rest with Samsung and Apple both struggling a lot.


Written by Hardip Koradia

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