Google Pacman: A Complete Overview of this Japanese Video Game

Google Pacman

In this article you will get the overview of the Google Pacman, famous Japanese video game.

Famous Google Doodle Games is a progression of intuitive Google Doodle distributed by the pursuit mammoth trying to keep individuals engaged while they remain at home.

With its ‘Popular Google Doodle Games’ initiative, the organization needs to advance gaming.

Little About Google PAC-MAN

This Pacman Doodle game was first distributed as a Google Doodle in 2010 to celebrate Google Pacman 30th anniversary.

Google has so far shared ten Doodle legacy games including PAC-MAN. It has recently highlighted the garden gnomes’ game, peppers and ice-cream game, Mexican bingo, magic cat, Hip Hop beats and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can in any case return and play these games by going to the Google Doodles Archive page. You will likewise discover other past Doodles and various ones from over the world here.

How to Play Pacman Doodle Game in Google Search?

As you know this game was initially released in the year 1980 by Namco and Google has kept the game just how it was.

There are no noticeable changes in the game, from the sound effects to the controls everything in this popular Japanese video game is exactly how it was back then.

On May 8th, 2020 Google also kept their banner that had the Pac-Man theme and encouraged initiative of ‘Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles’.

  1. Click here to Pac-Man.
  2. In this page you will see the Stay at home initiative we were mentioning above.
  3. Simply click on the ‘celebrating PAC-MAN’ or you can also click on the game banner under it.
  4. Now you will see the game banner and under it an option to ‘Insert Coin’
  5. Just click on ‘Insert Coin’ and you game will start.

In case, you don’t want to go through these steps then you can also play Pacman Doodle game in Google search. Simply search “Google Pacman” in the search bar and you will have the screen to play game.

Play Pacman Doodle Game in Google Search
Play Pacman Doodle Game in Google Search

The HTML5 format of the game compatible with any device. Be it your smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

Key Commands to Play the PacMan Game

  • Simply use the arrows key on your device to guide the Pac-Man
  • Use ‘P’ to pause the game
  • In case you want to mute the sound of the game click on the ‘Mute’ icon on the top right corner of the page

Note: If you are playing on your smartphone then simply control the character with swipe gestures.

How Google Pacman Game Work?

The game is like a maze chase and the aim is to eat all flashing dots without running into the ghosts.

By consumption of the shiny dots gives the Pacman power to eat the ghost and drive them inside the box.

When all the dots are eaten by Pacman the player moves up to the next level.

In case the Pacman makes contacts a ghost, he will lose a life and the player will have 2 lives left to win the match.

There are three lives in order to win a match.

All the four ghosts have their individual exclusive, distinct artificial intelligence personalities.

The four ghosts are Blinky or red, Pinky or pink, Inky or cyan, and Clyde or orange.

Out of the four Blinky or red gives direct chase, while Pinky and Inky are always positioning themselves in front of Pac-Man.

Clyde keeps switching between fleeing from Pacman or chasing him.

By eating multiple ghosts give player extra point. The power of eating a ghost comes after Pacman consumes the large flashing energizers or power pellets placed at all four corners of the maze.

As the level increases so does the difficulty. The ghost becomes more powerful and fast.

You can also download the Pacman Chrome extension from here.

In brief,

As we know Pac-Man was first published in 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary, though it was originally discharged in 1980 by Namco and its fame rose above the geopolitical obstructions of that time.

According to Google, the Pac-Man doodle game is accessible in Canada, India, United States, the majority of Europe, a few nations in Africa, Australia, Japan, Thailand, and South American nations as well.

So, let’s not end the Pac-Man fever and keep the 1980’s tradition still on, with the help of Google.

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