Google’s New Program Interland – Teaches Kids to Fight Against Hackers


Kids will not get the benefit from the Google’s new educational program. Google will allow kids to learn how to fight scams, hackers, internet harassment and phishing along with how to handle the internet safely and handling passwords.

With the help of YouTube videographers and teachers, the new program was made that also include extracurricular and video games known as Interland. This session enables them to share limited details with other online people and stay away from negative and aggressive behavior online. This program is called as Internet Awesome Pledge and the kids will have to sign.

This program includes different modules. The “Share with care” allows kids to look at a made – up social media profiles and figure out the information that a director, a parent or future self may look poorly on.

The next module is the “Don’t fall for Fake”. This module analyzes out whether emails and web pages are real or fake. And the last module is “it’s Cool to be kind” guides kids to stay away from replying or reacting to harmful messages as well as report bullies or block them.

Interland is a video game that trains kids and like a sweetener that makes them pleasing to learn.

Hardip Koradia

Written by Hardip Koradia

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