Google will allow publishers to ask people who use ad – blockers to either enable ad or make a payment to view content without ads.

“Funding choices” can roll out first in North America, Germany, Australia and UK and New Zealand Google expressed in a blog.

That can churn out particular adverts that don’t meet the standards of Google. Ad blocking programs are tailored to save consumers from unwanted web ads that might lag down browsers and vacuum up personal data. Google’s Senior VP or Ads and Commerce said that the Ad – blocking take “a big toll” on producers and publishers who believe on ad revenue.

He also said the these changes might make sure that all the content creators, whether they are small or large, can start to have a regular way to fund their work with online advertising.

According to a recent survey from the IAB, it is said that more than twenty two percent of UK adults use these type of online service. And in the year 2016, Ad Blocker Plus claimed to have more than hundred million worldwide users.