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Google Home Smart Speaker not a great sign future AI, Users reporting outages!

Google Home Smart Speaker

Google expressed its hope on its Virtual assistant home to beat on Amazon’s Alexa, but it seems that it has gone a gimmick with the users complaining about the indifference behavior from Home.

The virtual assistant is casting out bugs instead of controlling the smart home device and responding to the queries.

According to Android Police,  multiple online reports on Monday were filed regarding the Google’s Home outage affective a main portion of users.

To find out whether the home is affected, users will have to make use of the trigger phrase and it can respond with “Hmm, something is not right. You can try in a few seconds, ” or ” There was a glitch. Try after some time”.

The report also claimed that “Most users complain the issue expressing popping up in a couple and today Google has 100% failure rate.

Guess what? Other devices with Google Assistant are working great. While some users complained that a hard reset of Home fixed the problem, while other still faced the issues after resetting.


Written by Hardip Koradia

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