Google Classroom: Login, Download App, Benefits and More

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online platform that upgrades the learning engrossment in a classroom.

It is a part of Google for Education which endeavors to empower paperless learning in classrooms.

GC is a free joint effort application for educators and students.

With this platform teachers can make online classrooms in which they can ask students to attend the virtual class, give assignments etc.

Students and instructors can also communicate within the platform about anything be it the assignment or any query.

Schools can use this platform for free with Education account.

Google Classroom gives additional highlights to instructors and students that are not part of standard Google accounts.

For example, instructors can use the Forms tools option to include pictures and numerous multiple answers to questions.

The Inbox by Gmail device has Classroom messages, letting students and educators to effortlessly discover features and key updates.

Instructors can arrange their class streams by adding subjects to posts and students and teachers can filter the streams to discover precise subjects.

This platform is also useful for parents or guardians as teachers can easily share synopses of student performance and even discuss share the highlight of student’s work and important class announcements.

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How to Download Google Classroom App (iOS and Android)?

Google classroom app is available in both Android and iOS devices. You can even use GC with Chrome on your computer.

Android Devices

1) Go to Play Store on your phone

2) Next search for Google Classroom

3) Now install the app

And you are good go with this online learning app using your android phone.

iOS Devices

1) Go to Apple App Store on your device

2) Next search for Google Classroom

3) And install the app

Wait for few seconds and the app will be installed in your iPhone.

Note: Google Classroom app is not available for Microsoft or Windows mobile devices.

Google Classroom Sign in Steps

In case you are new to this platform, let me tell you using it is very easy and even the sign in process is not of much hassle.

Just follow these simple steps to login GC from a computer –

1) First open this URL in your web browser

2) Now click on Go to Classroom

3) Next enter your username/email and click Next

4) Now enter your password and click Next

5) Here you will see a Welcome Page read it and click Accept

6) Next if you are using G Suite for Education account then click on ‘I’m A Student’ or ‘I’m A Teacher’ option

7) Now select the Get Started button

You’re in now!

How to Login Google Classroom with Android Device?

As above I’ve already mentioned about how you can download the app on Android device, follow these simple steps to sign in

1) First click on the Google Classroom app on your device

2) Next tap on Get Started option

3) Now select Add account

4) Here enter your username/email and tap Next

5) Now enter your password

6) Here you will see a Welcome Page read it and click Accept

7) Next you will see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, read that and the tap on I agree

8) Next if you are using G Suite for Education account then click on ‘I’m A Student’ or ‘I’m A Teacher’ option

Note: Users with personal account will not see this option

If you are still confused about Classroom user accounts then here’s a guide below –

Different Types of GC User Accounts

Depending on the learning settings, you need to sign in Google Classroom with the following user account types:

1) School Account

This is also known as G Suite for Education account, as it is set up by your school.

The email address provided by the school should look like

The account as mentioned before is given to you by an accredited school using G Suite for Education.

School’s admin generates and manages the accounts and provides the credentials to both students and teachers.

2) Personal Google Account

This account can be set up either by student or parents. It is also popularly used for homeschooling as well.

But users with personal Google Accounts do not have access to the same features as other accounts.

They cannot create or teach classes, students cannot mail classmates and teachers cannot invite parents to sign up for students highlight or performance.

3) G Suite Account

This account is set up by organization’s administrator. The email address should look like

Now, let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of this Google’s online classroom –

Benefits of Using this Google’s Digital Learning Platform

Good for Teachers

Teachers can easily make an account with the platform and conduct classes.

Sharing study material with students was never this easy but Google Classroom allows this sharing experience to be simple for both students and teachers.

Educators can now track student’s progress without much hassle and even assign tasks.

Good for Students

The platform can be easily accessed by students as well and make the learning experience better.

Google Classroom can also be used as a medium for students to communicate with teachers and other fellow students.

In addition, Google Drive and Docs also help students to submit their assignment easily with rich media.

Paperless Classroom

As we know how important it is for every individual of the planet to save trees and not to waste paper, between that this medium does and excellent part.

With Google Classroom both students and teacher can reduce the use of paper, and engage into a paperless classroom by sharing notes, assignment online and even taking submissions through that medium which requires absolutely no paper.

Save Money

The platform is free for schools using Google Apps for Education.

The technological infrastructure and interconnectivity also offer a top-rated education solution.

Effective Feedback

Talking about feedback, Google Classroom offers you the chance to offer online help to your students immediately; this implies input turns out to be increasingly powerful, as new remarks and comments have a greater effect on students’ psyches.

User Friendly Interface

As we know Google has its own standards of making a particular app. As this platform is for students and teachers it is kept very simple and user-friendly. The interface is clean, and one can navigate easily within the app.

Some Notable Drawbacks of GC (Google Classroom)

As it is important for users to know each side of an application lets talk about some drawbacks of this platform.

Restricted Integration Options

Google Classroom hasn’t yet coordinated with Google Calendar, or any schedule at all, which may mess some up with arranging material and task cut off times.

Similar Interface

As per many reviews, users had a complaint about the platform being too familiar only to Google users.

Though if you are a prolonged Google user you might not face any problem but with less experienced users it can get a little confusing.

No Automated Updates

The activity feed does not update itself, so users must keep refreshing it to get new updates. By not doing this practice, there can be a chance to miss something important.

No Automated Quizzes and Tests

One of the fundamental reasons that Google Classroom cannot yet completely supplant your Learning Management System is that it doesn’t give computerized tests to students.

When all is said in done, Google Classroom is more appropriate for a mixed learning experience than a completely online program.

Editing Glitches

At the point when you make a task and you convey it to students, students become “owners” of the archive and they are permitted to edit it also. That implies that they can erase any piece of the task they need, which could cause issues, regardless of whether it happens unintentionally.

In brief,

So, this was the full guide about Google classroom.

Honestly, this platform is a great initiative and can help improve the traditional education system in many ways.

As expressed previously, GC app would be appropriate for a teacher that needs students to approach a huge bit of data identified with the class.

Plus the world is evolving and technology is at its peak with even small kids are familiar with the internet and how it works in between that this platform can help them engage in a better way and perspective of learning.

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