Best 17+ Games Like Huniepop 2019

All around the world, the Huniepop tile matching and also dating sim adult video have become very much popular. This is the main reason, why everyone would possibly live to play Huniepop on their device.

It also has some huniepop uncensored, huniepop game free, honiepop 2 and also more huniepop spice. In case you are tired of playing the same Huniepop puzzle, then here are given some of the best Huniepop alternatives in 2019.

These games like huniepop include the tile-matching games and also the games are all about adult puzzles. Most of the teens and adults find this huniepop free game most entertaining and best to play.

This is the main reason, why most of the people possibly look for more games like Huniepop. So, these types of games have become very much popular these days. All that you need is to try these games like Huniepop for Android and possibly enjoy all versions in your Smartphone.

Top 18 Best Huniepop Alternative Games

1#. Mystic Messenger

Mystic-Messenger game like huniepop

In the category of games like Huniepop, Mystic Messenger is known to be the next pick. This is specifically a female-oriented game in the list. Also, this particular game is developed and also published by Cheritz. Mystic Messenger is specifically for the single-player romance type of game. So it changes the name of the girl protagonist which is considered to be the best.

2#. Kitty Powers Matchmaker

Kitty Powers Matchmaker is considered to be the best sim games like Huniepop. This game is mainly developed by Magic Notion and also, it is published by Mastertronic Group. Different consoles such as android, windows, OS X and also iOS are mainly supported by this game and so, it is considered to be the best for all time.

This particular is all about matchmaking. Along with that, the Kitty Powers is preferably launching a completely new branch of her matchmaking business. So, all that you need is to share one charter data to another.

Apart from that, it also involves finding two people who are perfect for each other. You also have the option to customize the different characters. There are again some of the best features such as about the game. You get both rewards and points in case you have a successful date. So, this is considered to be one of the best games like Huniepop.

3#. Dandelion


Dandelion is considered to be the best Huniepop like games and also, this particular site is all about the dating simulation type of game. Epic process and also storyline is generally the best thing which makes it much different from the other games.

The dandelion story is a girl and also five cute guys are there and she can again date the player. So, you are going to play as a girl named Heejung Kim. Basically, she is a very busy girl and so, have no time for her. She even cannot stay happy in this busy life.

Thus, the ending of the game specifically depends upon the guy you choose. As a result, it is a nice and cute dating sim game for the adults and the story of the overall game is also nice.

4#. Roommates


Roommates are generally the perfect games like Huniepop. So, basically, it is considered to be a visual novel game that supports different platforms such as Mac, iOS, Android and also Windows. The single-player game of roommates lets you choose the protagonist from Max which is in accordance with the gender that you want.

Max is specifically a rebel kind of guy who is a guitarist and a singer in college. So, this particular game mainly starts from the first day of the college of the protagonist. As a result, the players are supposed to share their house with some roommates this type of story in these games.

5#. Sengoku Rance


In case you are looking for similar games like Huniepop, then Sengoku Rance is considered to be one of the best. This particular game mainly follows Rance, a ruthless warrior who is not like many of the main characters in common games. But, it is not a mission and so, for all the time, Sengoku Rance is known to be the best playable and also adult game.

6#. Flower Shop


Flower Shop is another best game when it comes to finding games like Huniepop. Also, this particular game is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and also Linux. It is generally a single-player game that comes under the adult visual novel. Along with that, there are also two versions of this particular game which are Winter in Fairbrook and Summer in Fairbrook.

Also, in the case of the Summer in Fairbrook, the player generally needs to grow crops and also sell them. In return of them, they also get the game money. On the other hand, the Winter in Fairbrook player specifically needs to grow flowers.

This particular game has nine endings ad so, this makes this game a much better choice than other games like Huniepop. To start a romance, the player also has four choices.

7#. Battle Gems

Battle Gems

Battle Gems is basically a Match-3, Puzzle, Turn-based Strategy and also single-player video game that is made for the entertainment purpose. The player specifically has a few amounts of dragons at the beginning of the game. This will help the player during the Gameplay. As a result, it makes it one of the good huniepop options.

8#. Puzzle Quest

puzzle quest

Puzzle Quest specifically is considered to be an Action, Puzzle, Role-playing, Single and also Multiplayer video game that us created by the Infinite Interactive. This particular game is mainly published by the D3 Publisher.

So, an epic story of evil vs. good is offered by this game. Along with that, the player also gets into the role of the protagonist and then, they start playing the game. These games also have challenging levels which are known to be best for all time.

9#. Triple Town

Triple Town is generally a one-player video game that is published by SpryFox. This game comes for the role-playing and also puzzle. Triple Town is also known to be one of the best games that are similar to Huniepop. As a result, the Gameplay for this game mainly consists of a series of levels and some more enjoyable Gameplay.

10#. Dungeon Raid


Dungeon Rain is considered to be one of the best Huniepop like games. This comes basically with a simple puzzle Role play game style experience. Moreover, there are many of the things which are needed to solve the puzzle and also puzzle play out such as your standard match that is known to be the best.

Other Some Best Games Like Huniepop

  • Pochi
  • Purina Party
  • Disco Zoo
  • Super Puzzle Fighter
  • Godzilla
  • Spellfall
  • Spirit Stones
  • Battle Camp

Final Words

So, these are mainly the best alternatives to games like Huniepop. As a result, each time you play them, you will feel like you should spend an hour more on them.

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