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4 Funny Prank Call Apps That Change Your Voice


Here are 4 best funny prank call apps that change your voice. Try them now to double your fun with friends.

It always seems exciting when you fool your friends and family members. But, playing pranks intelligently has got even better with smartphones operating on Android and iOS.

Applications from the play store actually let you hide the original tone and contact from a number which is unknown to the receiver. In reality, the excitement doubles when the person starts fumbling and is scared to converse with someone anonymous.

So, here’s a list of funny prank call apps that actually change your voice…

Best Prank Call Apps That Change Your Voice

1. Fake-A-Call Free

Fake a Call Free Settings
Fake a Call Free Prank App Settings

Fake-A-Call Free makes it easy as ABC to fool companions and at the same time have fun. Besides your closest buddies, you can make a call to yourself through this prank calling app. The latter might sound pointless but you may feel more than happy to go with it when you actually need to save yourself from an awkward situation.

In order to escape recognition, the app allows you to select voices differing in pitch and tone. Moreover, you can schedule multiple fake calls at the same time. Ringtones along with fake call voices can be customized effortlessly. Once everything is accomplished, you can listen to the conversation again and burst into laughter.

2. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Call Voice Changer Intcall

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