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Recommended Free and Paid VPNs for Schools to Access Blocked Websites

Recommended List of Free and Paid Vpns for Schools to Access Blocked Websites

Many schools are taking an additional responsibility of setting restrictions on the internet. However, students still have access to some sites when they need to research or complete assignments.

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With the help of a VPN, students can overcome the blocks and source information they always required. Once you copy paste the URL, VPNs create an environment to bypass blocked domains. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) not only hides the IP address but also encrypts data. To put it in better terms, secures your identity and lets you browse the site privately. So, if you wish to avail VPN services, then you should scroll to view the list.

Free VPNs


It’s really simple to browse a website with TunnelBear. According to several reviews, TunnelBear is the best free VPN. While TunnelBear doesn’t keep logs behind, it’s absolutely fantastic when security is concerned. Additionally, with the free version, you can benefit from excellent encryption and connect up to 5 devices to any location across the network.

TunnelBear Vpns

Hailing from Malaysia, is a VPN provider that offers a free plan. Once you are a subscriber, you can connect to any of the 28 servers in 22 countries. You would always observe exceptional connection speed while the OpenVPN encryption takes care of security. Believe it or not, you get 2GB per month that’s certainly enough to add some extra privacy. But, the limitation is that if you are using the internet frequently, then you have to opt for non-data capped VPN.


Windscribe offers more punch with a free plan for individuals. The VPN is quite generous because you can use up to 10GB per month. Owing to the privacy policy and the encryption, you would never have to worry about security. Moreover, amazing speed in an additional bonus. All in all, it’s worth to try the services. As the services mask your IP address, you can avail access to blocked content in more than 46 countries. Nobody would ever track you as Windscribe never leaks DNS information. You are always kept away from hackers who may steal information when you use public Wi-Fi. So, as you add the extension, you can control your privacy.

Windscribe vpns

 Hotspot Shield

There are many benefits of using Hotspot Shield. You can always be safe while surfing the internet as the connection and personal information is protected from hackers. No matter where you are; at home, in a crowded area or at work, no logs related with personal information and online activities are left behind. With the Hotspot Shield VPN, you can quickly access censored as well as blocked websites. You can safely keep yourself busy on social media platforms, online videos and games.

Paid VPNs


If you’re thinking about a secure and a fast VPN, then you can’t miss out on CyberGhost. Once you start using the services, the original IP address would be replaced with one from the CyberGhost network. This keeps you away from the eyes of third parties. Even when the device is connected to a public Wi-Fi, nobody would snoop into your personal conversation. But, drawbacks may disappoint you on your way. During peak hours, you might be stuck in queues or would be restricted with limited server locations.

CyberGhost Vpns

Nord VPN

If you’re annoyed with internet blocks, then Nord VPN would make your way through. With little charges, you can always protect your privacy without any regional restrictions. Once you hop on, you would be happy to access social websites, P2P services and messaging apps. You won’t have to bother about anyone monitoring you closely. The military-grade encryption protects traffic at every instance. With 1095 server locations, Nord VPN covers every continent. The Kill switch technology shuts down the site quickly when the VPN gets disconnected.

Pure VPN

Seeking for a reliable and easy to use VPN? Then you can enjoy Pure VPN with 5 logins and round-the-clock support. While the services are available on any device, it’s also compatible with gaming consoles and Smart TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and routers. Built on 3 pillars – security, anonymity, and speed, you can actually enjoy more than a remarkable experience. As the VPN encrypts online activities, 1-click antivirus protection keeps the system safe from malware and viruses. Moreover, Split Tunnling offers the freedom to route some of the traffic.

Pure VPN


With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy content from any location at lightning speed. Online privacy is considered because the VPN encrypts traffic and hides the IP address. Access becomes a breeze because you can connect to a site or an app with a VPN proxy. No matter how bad you might get stuck, the 24 x 7 customer support team is always there to help you. You can always avail connection with ease because you get to choose from 145 cities across 94 countries.

There are more than 850 commercial VPNs in the market. Many services are not authentic when security is concerned. So, if you’re using a free service, then it’s better to opt for paid services. Please opt from the ones which have been listed above.

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