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Fltvo Alternatives

Flvto is a website that helps users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 file.

It was developed in the year 2013 Russian firm Hotger.

Since it came into existence, more than 8 million users have converted more than 200 million files.

Flvto is very famous in the United States and gaining popularity in other countries as well.

Well, there are many reasons to why we need a converter as YouTube does not have this option of converting file, this is where Flvto comes.

Many individuals ranging from videographers, online streamers, or even professional may need to have the audio of a YouTube video for their work.

With Flvto software they can easily convert it anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

So, as we know this is a good platform and has many features to it, but today we will talk about more similar platforms like Flvto.

So, lets now discuss Flvto alternatives –

8 Websites Like Flvto to Download and Convert YouTube Videos

1) Dirpy (

Dirpy is also a software similar to Flvto app. You can also call Dirpy as an advanced online digital video converter.

It is used for converting media files which includes many and not limited to only YouTube.

This platform is free and can convert your media file to MP3 and that too in high definition quality.

Some of the main highlights of Dirpy are –

  1. Presents ID3 metadata tags and offsets.
  2. Converts all freely available media on the web.
  3. Supports HD formats or high-quality audio.
  4. It offers access to real-time conversations.
  5. Entirely free to use as an online converter.

Well these were the main features and highlight of the platform, but you will also be happy to know that Dirpy is legal to use.

As many other platforms we know are illegal but not this one, which also means that it is safe.

2) Apowersoft (

Similar to Flvto YouTube downloader, Apowersoft is a free Mp3 converter.

With this software you can easily convert any video by just entering the URL link in the download box.

Simply copy the link that you wish to download in Mp3 format and paste it in the website’s download box.

You can access Apowersoft in browsers like Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Some of the main highlights of Apowersoft are:

  1. Modify your videos by trimming, altering video size, shifting effects, and even adding watermarks.
  2. No limitations and totally legal does job in one click.
  3. Clean interface and converts video to audio using API service.
  4. Convert any files and even save ideal videos for DVD, PSP and iPhone.
  5. Good resolution speed varying from 144p to 1080p.

So, this software is a good choice and is legal which in turn means is safe to use. It also offers 3 distinct ways to convert your videos with simplicity.

3) Video2MP3 (

Video2mp3 lets you to change over and download a top-notch mp3 record up to 192kb/s.

The device is accessible free of cost and requires no sign up or registration.

Just legitimately enter the URL of the video and hit the Convert to mp3 button and there you are.

Or on the other hand you can download the software on computer and only converts file from YouTube.

Some of the highlights of Video2MP3 are:

  1. It is accessible in 20 different languages.
  2. High-quality converter.
  3. No need to waste time on registration.
  4. High-speed downloads without any captchas.
  5. Fast and free service.

So, this software is a good tool if you are looking for a converter without much hassle.

4) YTmp3 (

YTmp3 is one of the most popular websites when it comes to Mp3 converter.

It can not only convert files to mp3 but also to mp4 formats.

The platform is easy and simple to use and does not require any registration or sign up process before you can start converting.

Simply copy your desired YouTube’s URL link and paste it on the website.

Next choose the format you want your file to be converted too and then begin the downloading process.

Some of the highlights of YTmp3 are:

  1. It is absolutely free.
  2. You can either choose to convert the format into Mp3 or Mp4 format.
  3. Downloading of video with maximum length of 2 hours is possible with this software.
  4. The interface is easy and simple to use.
  5. The quality provided is also good.

5) ClipGrab (

Another alternative to flvto, ClipGrab is a simple software that can download files to mp3, mpeg4, WEBM, WMV from popular platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion etc.

This platform supports many websites through automatic site recognition. You can access it on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS as well.

Some of the main highlights of ClipGrab are:

  1. Lets you download files from Popular platforms for free of cost.
  2. Videos download are high quality.
  3. Supports various types of formats that you wish to convert.

The website interface is simple and does not require much hassle for downloading any format.

6) TubeOffline (

This website is considered as one of the oldest when it comes to free video downloaders.

TubeOffline does not require any sign up or registration in order to convert your file.

It can also help you to download a file to Mp4 or FLV format so that you don’t need to buffer while watching videos.

The platform has claimed that their site works best on Google Chrome, while it is also available on different browsers as well.

Some of the highlights of TubeOffline are:

  1. Let’s you download videos from popular platforms like Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram etc.
  2. No sign up or registration required.
  3. Free of cost.
  4. Just enter the URL link of the video and you will be good to go.
  5. Works well even in low speed internet.

So, these were some of the main features of TubeOffline.

7) 4K Video Downloader (

This is another alternative to Flvto and is a pretty decent website when it comes to converting file into mp3.

You can convert videos, playlists, channels and even subtitles with the help of 4k video downloader.

The platform supports Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu and has a good number of users.

As the name suggests it gives you 4K quality videos as well.

Some of the highlights of 4K video downloader are:

  1. The website is advertisement free.
  2. Unlimited playlist, channels, and subtitle downloads.
  3. Converting 4k YouTube video to mp3 format in amazing quality.
  4. Supports almost all the videos or websites from where you can download.
  5. Supports more than 10 languages.

4K video downloader comes free of cost but also has paid versions to it.

The first plan costs $15 and is a one-time fee for 3 computers.

The second plan costs $20 which is also a one-time fee for 3 computers.

The website interface is easy and powerful.

8) Freemake Video Converter (

This website claims to be number one when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube.

Freemake Video converter as the name suggest is a free website that can help you to download and convert files from not only YouTube but also many other similar sites.

It can save files in MP4, MP3, HD, 3GP, AVI formats.

Some of the highlights of Freemake video converter are:

  1. Lets you choose video quality for downloading.
  2. Permits you to regulate download speed by reducing the bandwidth used by the software and upload your files to Google Drive and Dropbox.
  3. It only takes 4 minutes to download a full length high definition video with the website.
  4. The platform is free to use.


So, this was the list to Flvto alternatives and sites similar to it. As you know there are many Mp3 converter on the internet including the ones that we have listed here.

But using any is generally not recommended as they can have virus or other unnecessary stuff harmful for the PC or your device.

In this guide we have selected all the safe, best, and tested options for you to have a smooth experience.

So, go through all of them a select the one you think is the most effective for you.

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