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How To Fix Tutu App Not Working Issue?

Regardless of the smartphone you’re using, an iPhone or a device running on Android OS, there may be multiple reasons why you might face problems with Tutu app. There might be trouble in downloading the app and while it’s getting installed. Lastly, you may encounter issues when Tutu is unable to support a few apps as well as games.

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So if you’re seeking a solution for tutuapp not working, then you resolve it within a few steps or use a third party tool.

Consider a situation when you’re attempting to install Pokemon Go using Tutuapp APK installer. After multiple times, Tutu app didn’t succeed to install the game nor download Pokemon Go. You might face common errors just as it’s the case with several other smartphone users.

Most of the times, the root cause may be due to the software or high traffic to the Tutuapp server. While Tutuapp doesn’t offer support for some applications, developers were bothered with issues and have been trying hard to come up with the best solution.

Best Solutions for TutuApp Not Working Issue

Solution for ‘Tutuapp Won’t Download or Tutuapp won’t Installing this Time’ Error

While discussing with developers, some ways were implemented to fix the Tutu app for Android as well as iPhones.

NOTE: Before proceeding with resolving the problem, the individual can use Tutu Helper which is nothing but Tutu VIP version designed for iOS and Android devices. After downloading it from the online store, you can easily fix the not working issues.

Check out this video:

In case you decide to fix the issue all by yourself, then you should follow the steps listed below.

A quick way of getting rid of the problem could be clearing app data along with cache. You may uninstall and reinstall the Tutuapp in addition to Pokemon Go. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app or launch Settings and search ‘Reset Network Settings’. This option is common for the operating systems, Android and iOS.

Step 2: Once you tap on the reset option, you would be prompted to confirm the step. As you tap on ‘OK’, the network settings would be brought back as they originally were. The communication device would reboot instantly.

Step 3: The system would then ask you to select the internet connectivity and provide the password to establish the connection. You would view these prompts since everything related to the network would be reset. This means that the settings you had made would be deleted.

Step 4: Finally, enter the Wi-Fi details and get going with the connection.

This is the step-by-step procedure that works in most of the cases.

If you’re using an Android device, then follow the steps as shown in the image below.


For the iPhone, the way is elaborated in the images as shown below.


What to do with ‘Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack not working’?

If Tutu app works smoothly with games and apps, but throws an error that it won’t be able to install at that instance, then it may be due to a particular game or application.

In such a scenario, you should contact the developers immediately and wait till they revert with a solution. Do understand that the problem may occur due to the latest version of Pokemon Go or updated firmware. This might not complement Tutu because the version is much older.

Suppose you’re playing around with Pokemon Go iOS 10.2 while using Tutuapp optimized for iOS 10.0.1, you will face error at many instances.

When you are using Tutu without jailbreaking the iPhone, then it’s recommended to update it as early as possible. This would surely keep you away from the ‘won’t download’ and ‘won’t install’ errors.

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