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How to Fix Pname com Facebook Orca Pop up Message on your Phone?

Pname com Facebook Orca Pop up Message on your Phone

Seeing a Facebook Pop-up message on your mobile phone that is showing pname com Facebook Orca is stopped or not functioning? Then you are on the right place, there are chances that you might be searching the web to find solutions to get rid of this error.

So to make things easier, we have listed all the details of the topic under one roof. Isn’t that a great deal now? This article will discuss about things that needed to be done to solve the issue.

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What is Pname Com Facebook Orca?

Well, this is basically a by- word of the package of the Facebook messenger application on every mobile phone. Without any difficulties, this folder belongs to the Facebook messenger app. Also, this folder works as a storage place for all audio files, video files, pictures, cache and plugins from this app on your mobile phone.

There is a chance that an alternative folder that is known com Facebook Katana, which is also found on the Facebook app. And just like the orca folder, the katana also comes along with successful Facebook installation on your mobile phone. Just like other folders, this folder is not a source of anything to get worried about.

Is This a Malware?

Pname com Facebook Orca is absolutely not a Malware.

You necessarily don’t have to consider this as a malware or a virus. It is a folder just like others in the market, it automatically generates itself after installing the Facebook messenger app on your mobile phone. For this reason, there is nothing to be worried about and even become suspicious of anything.

How Does Pname com Facebook Orca Appear?

How Does Pname com Facebook Orca Appear

Pname com Facebook orca usually appears as a pop – up message on Facebook messenger. Ignoring the message will never the solution to get rid of this issue. And the error might keep popping up over and over again and you will have to handle it eternally.

Can This Folder Be Deleted?

com facebook orca folder

Absolutely No, this folder can never be deleted as even if you try to do it, it might automatically regenerate and the errors will arise again and again. For such reasons, it is better to leave it on the mobile phone memory and handle it.

The Importance of Pname com Folder

If you want to retrieve a Facebook message that has been accidentally removed or deleted, this folder comes handy. You can only retrieve it if you have this folder.

So, pname com can make the FB orca Swifty, also very helpful if you want to recover any accidently deleted messages from the FB messenger. One of the many advantages that this folder offers is that it can restart the files in the same folder. And the folder consumes more space on your mobile phone that other folder.

How to Fix Pname com Facebook Orca Error?

The first step is to get out of the settings choices found on your mobile phone. At this point, you will go to the next choice available to use this point on the scenario of the selection of all apps. Then you will have search a FB app and make sure you clean the detail. After doing this, allow the Facebook’s WiFi to get restarted. If this method is followed, this tip will be considered worth understanding. The flagger app detail will be expired. You will have to reset the app and this error will never appear again.

Step 1 –  Click > Settings

Step 2 – Choose > Application

Step 3 –  Tap > All apps

Step 4 –  Located > Facebook App

Step 5 – Restart the App

I still face the same issue, after following the method mentioned above?

If that is the case, you can actually follow another technique and check whether that works. In this method, you will have to install the FB app found on your mobile phone and then restart the gadgets.

After doing this, you must download the Facebook app again and later launch it to the Google Market or the Play Store. Without any doubt, this time the pname com Facebook orca error will occur again. In this situation, you must use the recovery paths for the app. You need to make use of the technology to restore the deleted messages from the Facebook messenger app.

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages from the Facebook Orca Folder?

Not all know how to retrieve it! But you have the chance to see it !

In fact, there are loads of techniques to restore deleted Facebook messages from the app. Be that as it may, we have listed the most common and easier one.

Step 1 –  Go to > File manager (a place where you will find all folders).  Or visit > Play store > Type File manager or file explorer on the search bar and install it on your mobile phone.

Step 2 –  Now Open > SD card

sd card storage

Step 3 – Click > Data folder

data folder

Step 4 –  Click > Com.Facebook.orca > Click on it

data com facebook orca folder

Step 5 –  Go to > Cache folder

Step 6 –  Check for the folder Fb_ temp


You will now see the deleted messages on Facebook messenger. This method can be used to recover Facebook messenger messages anytime either as an individual conversation or as a group.

Note – you can also recover data without using the file explorer application. Just connect your mobile phone with the USB cable to your PC or laptop and locate the folder and then retrieve the data from the fb _temp.

Since you have all the details on how to fix pname com Facebook orca pop-up error. You can always feel free to contact a technical person if the problem persists.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of this topic now. If you find the information useful, then don’t forget to share with others on social media.

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