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7 Ways to Fix “Mobile Network not Available Issue” [Step by Step Guide]


So, if you are facing “mobile network not available” issue on your mobile device. Then you are on the right place, we suggest you the best techniques which can help you to solve your “why is my mobile network not available” problem.

You might have noticed that mobile network error in various devices and your Android smart phone. No network available error can occur due to various reasons.

If you are frequently facing, the same issue many times, then you must not blame the signal. There are plenty of causes to this type of error message. The issue can occur due to many other reasons like the network, incorrect configuration, SIM card sensor and faulty SIM card.

We have suggested you the top solutions from which you can easily solve this ” why does my phone say mobile network not available” issue without any hassle.

Seven Ways to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Hassle

1. Remove your Phone Battery for a While

Mobile Network Not Available Pop Up
Mobile Network Not Available Pop Up

You can basically solve this issue just by discarding the mobile phone battery. Sometimes this happens because of the battery issue. For that,

  • Switch off your mobile phone for a while
  • Remove the battery
  • Insert the battery now after two minutes
  • Now, switch on your mobile again

That’s it done.

2. Setting your mobile network to “Automatic”

Preferred Mobile Network Mode Automatic

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