Best Solutions to Fix ‘Destination Path Too Long’ Error

Best Solutions to Fix ‘Destination Path Too Long’ Error

If you are not finding a way to deal with the error, ‘Destination Path too long’, then a few tricks can help you resolve the issue. The prime reason could probably be due to the File Explorer which fails to rename or copy the file that has a path name as long as 256 characters. But, once you start using the API functions, you can use a path up to 32767 characters. In fact, it’s actually possible when you use file managers like Total Commander and FAR.

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How to Fix Destination Path Too Long Error?

Usually, you can follow the ways mentioned below when you see a dialog box as per the image below.

How to Fix the Error

But in case you have a computer running on Windows 8, then the error would appear differently.

Destination Path Too Long